Friday, April 30, 2010

It’s Too Rich, Obama Doin’ the Tiger Thing!

Washington, DC—Say it ain’t so! Barack Obama caught with his pants down? Enquiring minds want to know!

Yep the National Enquirer is already up for a Pulitzer Prize for catching former VP candidate John Edwards with his fly open. Now it looks like catching Comrade Obama in flagrante delicto will win them another one for sure.

The bait for this hot badger game is allegedly a dedicated Obama campaign fund raiser, 35 year-old Vera Baker. The crime scene is the Hotel George.
The tabloid claims million dollar money offers are being made everywhere to buy silence. The big problem is a pesky security video. Apparently it was a limo driver that spilled the beans.

I hope the secret Service boys are on their toes because Michelle Obama may be swinging blunt instruments and throwing knives at the Chockalott Jesus. I’d hate to see a state funeral because they were asleep at the wheel!

Read all about it here!


Anonymous said...

And lets not forget the gay male limo driver who said oboma had sex with him one night in back of the limo then..they also sorted a little something the guy said.. did u hear about this?

Anonymous said...


The story of the Irish girl beaten half to death is all over the Irish and British press. People worldwide are seeing the decay of the CPD and the lies of Mayor Richard M Daley.

Ironically, this victim/ girl was pictured with the Presient of Ireland in this picture/article.

So much for DicKtator Daley's image in his homeland.

Do you think she might be heavy??? Do you think that she might be politically connected???

What a total embarrassment to Chicago again!

Nothing like positive press coverage for the City of Chicago and Shortshanks.

Anonymous said...

All a smoke screen to deflect the increasing traction on the annointed ones homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s Kool-Aid drinker, zombies would support him even if the surveillance video showed him having sex with a goat.

Anonymous said...

The Bible says the Antichrist will have no regard for the desire of women. Daniel 11:37.

AndyJ said...

And why doesn't Michelle have his nuts hanging from the wall? She does not look like she would put up with everything Hillary did.