Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Monday evening in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA--Last night (Monday), I was attending a one woman play put up by acting coach and consummate actor, Graham Beckel for one of his many talented students. You will remember Beckel playing Sgt. Dick Stensland in LA Confidential or perhaps in nearly 100 other movies and TV shows.

I had parked my car and had about eight minutes to kill so I hit the street with my little Flip video camera. There are all kinds of people doing this on the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade. This was only a little of the talent that can be seen here performing for their supper.

Update: My pal Pablo Lewin is and actor, director, film maker and airline pilot is also a good investigator. He tracked down the amazing blond singer's website. Her song was, Aint Got Nothing On You and her name is Sammie Jay. Her website is here.


Anonymous said...


It is items like this post that make your bolg part of my day. You’ve got guts, good sense and good taste.
Please keep up the wide range of stuff you do here!

John Northen said...


Fuck 3rd Street Mall, S.M. How about a jiggley hour from Venice Beach when it's hot and mobbed. That's world class "people watching".

Det. Shaved Longcock said...

Thanks Paul. I love the street filming you do. I truly can't wait for my retirement in a few more years so I can do some traveling, if the Lord allows me.

I still want to go to Paradise Cove in Malibu to visit the area they filmed the old Rockford Files series and a course the tomb of Karen Carpenter.

Once again thanks for your insight and sharing.

Anonymous said...


You videos are always entertaining as you take us with you to some fun places.

You fight that political fight but your videos really show what your fighting about.

I've seen your videos on this blog from India, Europe, Las vegas, Chicago, Phoenix, and California.

I can never guess where your great adventures will take you next. Man you have the life!