Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Amy Jacobson Radio Show Investigates allegations of Cowardice

WIND-AM 560--Thursday 8:30 AM

Chicago, IL—The story of Chicago police superintendent Jody Weis public relations nightmare has gone viral. His now famous “gotta go” video is making the rounds to law enforcement officers all over the country.

Amy Jacobson will have retired police sergeant John Northen and the mystery detective behind the Shaved “L.C.” Blog site as guests. I’ve been asked to call it too. It should be an interesting drive time radio show.

Instead of dealing with the official complaint made by John Northen, Weis has apparently gone into hiding. He’s sent his PR flaks out to smear Northern for once suing the department over the selection process for lieutenants. One called the complaint absurd.

We have yet to hear from Weis himself. Weis has yet to surface and tell us about what was so pressing that he could not assist fellow officers and endangered members of the public at the scene of an in-progress fatal shooting.

Weis can never recover from this cowardice allegation without a really convincing excuse. He’s had over five days to dream something up and seems stumped. There is little choice but for him to do what he promised and that was leave is he fails to maintain the support of rank and file officers. That time has come and gone, so perhaps Weis will simply say goodbye. Weis is just too radio-active and toxic to continue as the superintendent of Chicago police.

We will be all ears!

Update: Weis abruptly cancelled the meeting he had planned for today at the Budlong Woods Library on North Lincoln Avenue. This is yet another solid sign of the end of his reign. Who will Daley appoint now?

In case you missed the stunning video…

Here is the radio show:


Det. Shaved Longcock said...

Another great post Paul but one problem. DSLC doesn't give interviews. I have had numerous requests since I started the blog... But my answer is always the same, No Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I wish Sheriff Joe would come up to Chicago and clean up this mess.

Anonymous said...

Interview was absurd. What the hell happened to John Howell? He kinda flipped out! I think he might be in love with j fled. Northen was spot on, as usual and held his own.

Anonymous said...

Well his excuse of course is that the Black Man is berwree scwaaree. lol

I've been on the business end of officers firearms on several occasion. Seeing their hands shaking always caused me to wonder why a man would work a gig that caused so much angst. You said it awhile back..nothing but metrosexuals on the force these days. Especially feds.

Coiffured men in turtle suits "coming to take us away oh no.."
sing along everyone