Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Socialist Liar Has Spoken, New Taxes For All

Washington, DC—Despite claims by Barack Obama that no American earning less than $250.000 per year will see their tax increased by a single dime we are all in for his new extortion program, a Value Added Tax.

How dare anyone call Obama a Marxist or Socialist! He just admires, hangs around with and takes advice from them at every opportunity. I guess it’s just a coincidence that each and every move Obama makes is right out of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital or Hitler’s Mein Kamph.

There is little or no evidence that Obama has any respect for the Constitution of The United States. Barack Obama is the single biggest threat to the United States of America and our hard won freedoms in its entire history.

Obama’s supporters are in denial even though this traitor has broken each and every campaign promise he ever made to them.

It’s only a matter of time until this dangerous despot makes war on the Americans that resist his Socialist and un-American dictates. Obama must make his move within the next couple of years because he will never see re-election and he knows it. Whoever loses this conflict will be visited by the hangman.


Anonymous said...

I was watching the liberal left show real Tim with Bill Maher.His guests brought up this very point about introducing VAT to America like they have in many European countries.

This is part of the "progressives" plan to destroy America.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have been raising all kinds of excise taxes, just like FDR did. Taxes like these impact the poor the most because their income level does not preclude them from paying them like the income tax does. They are also relatively stealth because the consumer often doesn’t even know of their existence when they are imposed at the distribution level (unlike sales taxes). These so-called reforms have been nothing but corporate welfare disguised as social programs and welfare while they are taxing the poor and middle class the hardest (just like FDR).

I don’t believe Obama is a real socialist at all. Every time his party focuses their attention on something they are showered with bribes to corrupt it in favor of corporate interests. If anything this is Chicago style socialism where the politicians hand is out and everything is for sale and the taxpayer is stuck footing the bill. The so-called Healthcare Reform is a glowing example of this. If they wanted to give healthcare to the poor there are a lot better and cheaper ways to do it then handing them a Blue Cross policy.

And don’t think the Republicans are above this sort of thing either. They are just pissed right now because their being locked out of the bribe taking by their Democratic peers. They profited real good from the military industrial complex under Bush where contractors were used to perform military tasks at massively inflated prices.

Make no mistake, everyone in Congress needs to go !

Commie Blaster said...

Here's Obama's End Game: