Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicago’s Cops Are In A really Foul Mood

Chicago, IL—An arbitrator settled the three-year running dispute between the city administration and its police officers. Because of inflation and out-of-control city taxation the officers are actually getting pay cuts. Of course the city always has millions for public works projects they don’t need.

I waited to see just how the cops were feeling after the news and there is one word, hatred. They hate the mayor, city council and more than a million unwashed freeloaders that support the administration.

Retaliation is on the way. The cops I talked to vowed that no more revenue producing enforcement efforts will be part of their routine. The response times will be reduced as officer obey traffic laws and wait for adequate back up before dealing with potentially violent calls.

Chicago cops are out-gunned and driving patrol vehicles that need junkyard retirement. Look for more officers taking more sick time and reporting more on duty injuries. Younger cops will be looking for work in other jurisdictions or to change careers and more older cops will look for retirement.

The people of Chicago need to arm themselves and prepare to fight or move to a safe location outside the city. Arrests will be way down as crime goes way up. As the street thugs learn they can control the city this will prove to be a dangerous year.


Anonymous said...

Our wages went down, our equipment is crap and our low morale is now being flushed into the sewers.

We are outgunned and hated.

Crime will skyrocket, along with IOD reports and claims. The medical roles will fatten as coppers find new ways to prolong every service call.

My Chicago police uniform has become an embarrassment for me to wear.

My boss is an overpaid coward.

Sgt. Saunders said...

They made my decision for me Paul.I'm leaving effective 01Jun2010. I love this job and yes, I am one of those who actually love this city. But I'm gone. This is the straw that broke the camels back. Teachers get 4% for a job in which they only work ten months out of the year and yet still receive a check. The alderscum whose job is a part time job vote themselves a 6% raise. Both of those jobs require that you work steady days, weekends and holidays off. The police who work every holiday, work around the clock (midnites) and are rarely home on holidays get 2%! Oh yeah, and Daley installs a police hating goof as the head of the Police and Fire Committe in another slap in our face. Time to go. Besides myself, I feel sorry for two groups of people. The new guys coming on the job and the citizens. Good luck to both of you. You will need it!