Sunday, April 04, 2010

Chicago Police Superintendent Accused Of Cowardice!

Chicago,IL—According to a report published today by Chicago police Superintendent Jody P. Weis has been accused by a retired homicide sergeant, John Northen of cowardice and inattention to duty.

Weis was out with police patrolling in the 007 Englewood district where shooting broke out. Instead of Weis, a sworn armed officer responding and aiding his fellow officers he fled the area.

A complaint was formally made and must be investigated. I can’t imagine any Chicago policemen surviving a similar complaint without being suspended for 30 days pending separation for this kind of offense. If the complaint allegations are accurate Weis needs to be removed for such disgraceful disregard for his fellow officers and Chicago’s citizen’s safety.

Read SCC’s report here.

An Update!

I spoke with John Northen and he agreed to my posting his statement about his complaint against Jody Weis.

Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010
Re: My complaint (C.R. No. 1,035,137) filed with IPRA on Saturday, April 3 charging Jody P. Weis with COWARDICE and inattention to duty.

My name is John Northen. While I am now retired, I proudly served the Chicago Police Department for thirty years. Local media has asked me to give a statement on my complaint alleging COWARDICE and inattention to duty versus the current "leader" of the Chicago Police Department (CPD), Jody P. WEIS. I treasure my privacy. I will NOT appear on any television program.

Police morale is nonexistent. Certainly, local media can't be naive or disingenuous enough to believe that active police officers are going to jeopardize their livelihoods by criticizing the management and operations of the CPD on matters of public concern. Despite the protections of the First Amendment, pretextual retaliation would be inevitable.

Aside from a cluster of sycophants within the upper echelon of the force who are beneficiaries of political CLOUT, Mr. Weis is perceived by subordinates as a shameless and clueless liar--and that was before Good Friday in Englewood. It appears that the media adamantly and inexplicably refuses to challenge this poseur. Even among those in upper management, an understandably silent majority consider Mr. Weis as an abysmal failure as "top cop" in the nation's second largest police department.

In both the armed forces as well as law enforcement, a COWARD is regarded as most despicable. Jody P. Weis is a COWARD.

Before summarizing the cowardice displayed by Mr. Weis on Good Friday, an explanation is in order.

By definition, good street cops must go "where angels fear to tread". When that radio transmission of "a man with a shotgun", "shots fired", "a man shot" , a "robbery-in-progress" or a Ten-1 [police officer(s) calling for help] comes over the air, we roll with flashing lights and siren. A inner sense of fear and the pumping adrenaline makes us most cautious. Notwithstanding, it's what we do.

With videotape documentation, Mr. Weis was having an anti-violence "rally" near 6600 S. Marshfield Ave. last Friday. Afterwards, he agreed to be interviewed by WBBM-TV news reporter Kristyn Hartman. Then, in the background, the listener hears sirens wailing. A "handler" approaches Weis interrupting the interview with Ms. Hartman, Mr. Weis declaring that he's "gotta run".

Less than a minute away, police are responding to a call of a man shot (who subsequently expired) near 7000 S. Paulina St.--a HOMICIDE. So while the lives of citizens and responding officers are at stake, Mr. Weis has "gotta run"--THE OTHER WAY! Jody P. WEIS is a COWARD!

A year ago, after nearly 3,000 police marched in a "no confidence" demonstration around City Hall, Mr. Weis was quoted in local media: "If I...saw that I was the cause of (poor) morale in this department, no one would have to ask me to leave. I would leave on my own." He later even implemented a "morale survey" of the CPD. However, disclosure of the results have been suppressed from the CPD rank and file, the media and the taxpayers.

Deeply entrenched political interference ("CLOUT"), nepotism and cronyism have been perpetuated by Mr. Weis since his arrival in March, 2008. I spoke with Mr. Weis once in a long-distance phone conversation in early December, 2007 in his last days as the Special Agent in Charge (SAC-FBI) in the Philadelphia office. With enthusiasm, I emphasized the urgent and desperate need for reforms within the CPD assuming that an "outsider" could finally make it happen. Later, after he assumed the position of Superintendent, I made further attempts to contact and/or meet with him to offer constructive criticism. I never received a response.

There is no place in the Chicago Police Department for COWARDS who abandon their fellow officers and cut and run from danger. This fact is exponentially unconscionable in the so-called leader of the CPD. He is a disgrace to "Chicago's Finest", some of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Any additional statements on this matter will appear with my moniker "Northside" on the Second City Cop blog site:


Anonymous said...

Good. I for one as a 20 year member of the CPD am sick and tired of being told how to do my job and second guessed by Politicians and the media. Weis is nothing but a Wanna Be Playing Dress up in MY UNIFORM. The funny thing is when the $hit hits the fan I don't need my uniform or Badge to do whats right. Weis is no better then the media or Politicians. He is a Coward.

ANGRY PIG said...

Weis is nothing but a coward.When he used his fed buddies to fuck Bill Cozzi he showed his yellow streak.This pussy running from a hot call does not surprise me.

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You, Sgt. John Northen, are brave and well spoken most obviously with the sincerest of intentions.

Thank you, Sir, for being our voice and for understanding our limitations as active members of the Chicago Police Department.

I am proud of you and of the CPD.

One thing I wish you would have mentioned is the irony of the WGN video that showed the bravery of the real police running towards the gunfire to the video the next day of our fearful leader running away from harms way.

Free Cozzi.


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Anonymous said...

Weis is not a coward,he had a hair appt. and needed his dress hemed.