Monday, April 12, 2010

Ann Jillian Will Rock Spokane April 15

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Spokane, WA—Okay I’m plugging my dear friend Ann Jillian’s show at the Northern Quest casino here. Trust me this is no chore, Spokane is in for a treat.

I know Ann through and her husband a former Chicago police sergeant from 023, Andy Murcia. Andy met and soon married Ann when he met her while working his part time security gig at the Ambassador East Hotel. Andy saw this little hottie all dolled up and thought she was a hooker.

Instead of getting solicited for some kinky and expensive fun, the lucky copper was invited to see her show which was running in town. Understandably the good sergeant was hooked but in a way he never expected!

Andy soon took a leave of absence from the department and headed off to deal with Ann’s career that included Emmy Award nominations and the coveted Golden Globe. Ann was also a popular Atlantic City headliner.

Rain fell on this young couple in the form of Ann being diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a horrible experience that struck while Ann was at the height of her career. Ann was and is a disciplined individual who possessed the right stuff and took control of what was trying to control her. She took a short break of just 11 days to have a double mastectomy and was right back singing, dancing and acting.

Ann did not let her life-threatening medical problems change her life but soon the birth of her son Andrew, Jr. got her undivided maternal attention. There was little time for films and TV series as Ann became the perfect mom. Today, Andrew, Jr. is a handsome, 4.3 grade average student that will be starting college in the fall.

Ann is a role model and sought after motivational speaker helping women afflicted with breast cancer understand there is not just life but great life for survivors.

Ann does occasional concerts and has the voice of an angel. You can visit her web site and obtain her CD’s.

Ann still has a solid fan base that loves her. If you’re in the area get your tickets quick because they are nearly sold out. There’s only one word, WOW!

Sit back and enjoy a couple of songs from Ann past film performances.

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