Monday, April 26, 2010

African-American Murder Culture Plagues Chicago

Chicago, IL—I’ve heard every excuse for crime by Chicago’s African-Americans for more than four decades. That, as their despicable deeds causes them to overflow from the jails and prisons of Illinois.

The unimaginable, constant and senseless murders by African-Americans are are rarely seen in the White communities. These murders are incredibly cruel and depraved for the most part. Most of Chicago’s violent crime is Black on Black followed by Black on White. The rarest crime in Chicago is White on Black.

Thoughtless, violent depravity has become a way of life for young Black males. You may argue that poverty causes the hungry to steal but these savages are not hungry. Their only hunger is simply to inflict massive indiscriminate suffering on others. Far too many African-Americans just don’t respect the value of human life.

Our polite society has chosen to cover-up this horrible cultural behavior and instead assigns this unilaterally to all Chicagoans. To talk about the racial aspects of crime is somehow considered racist if spoken about by a White person.

The murders of African-Americans by African-Americans in Chicago, is genocide. Exposing and condemning this behavior is not any form of racism but a reasonable response to the unleashed horror.

We cannot begin to treat or cure the horror if we choose to politely pretend this is not an African-American cultural behavior. Somehow this mutant form of life must be reprogrammed back into the human race. Enablement through tolerance and excuses for this behavior will never repair anything. The greatest form of racism is acceptance and tolerance of this culture of violence.

Fearing and avoiding African-Americans by Whites is not racism in Chicago but a normal instinct for survival. This behavior is a public relations nightmare for those well-behaved African-Americans. Okay folks, how do we fix this mess?


Teechur said...

Here's the saddest, most ironic part of all this. While violent crime skyrockets in Chicago, Chicago politicians head to Arizona to protest another state's new laws about illegal immigration. As if it is any of their business!

Imagine, Chicago Machine Democrats protesting because they want other cities to be more like Chicago. Now that they have their empty-headed figurehead in the White House, the ones who are ruining this country have become bolder than ever.

Can anarchy be far behind?

Anonymous said...

The Blacks that work as Judges, Doctors, Cops get to stay..the rest are shipped off to Africa. Liberia is nice this time of year. They eat were they sh!9 alright.

Anonymous said...

...and while this is going on and black youth are dieing in epidemic numbers, there is not a murmur of complaint from any of the prominent reverends, Like JJ Jackson or Phlegler.

None of the politicians are stepping up and calling anyone out on this.

It is their children and their community.

If they don't care, why should they expect anyone else to??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These are dark times.

Anonymous said...

Chicago area politicians need to be spending more time in Chicago not protesting another states, legally passed laws