Thursday, September 23, 2010 for Prisons and Jails

Los Angeles, CA--Managing prisoners is no easy task for any warden. Phone privileges are used as management tools. Also telephone providers make a financial killing on providing recordings of inmate phone calls.

If you’re familiar with you know that it’s free and will give you video of both sides of the conversations. Software to record is also cheap and available for the prisons and jails.

Prisons are located in geographically challenging places for families to visit inmates. Skype can close the miles anywhere in the world.

Inmates with family ties and outside mentors can do better that those with none. Utilization of Skype for well-behave inmates can make a difference. Often it is a real hardship for loved ones to travel sometimes hundreds of miles to visit inmates.

Perhaps 20 minutes per week on Skype per inmate could reduce violence and other misbehavior. It won’t cost much to find out.


Anonymous said...

Anyone that has done time will tell you that most of us forget about the outside and concentrate on getting a routine to stay sane. I can't tell you how many "Dear Joe" calls and letters I witnessed. The women that swore their love move on to new lovers and our children forget about us. That is/was reality for most of us.

Always His said...

Im a constaint reminder to my man that we waiting for him on the outside. Im almost 5 month preg. and write him everyday, he calls whenever he can, there is ALWAYS money on the phone for him and letters and pictures in the mail. Not every girl jus moves on when there man goes to prison. Ill be standing by my man. wish i could say the same for other females. but most of them are shady.. Love you Michael <3