Friday, September 03, 2010

Enthusiastic Obama Groupies are Avoiding their Messiah as Elections Near

Barack Obama is the tar-baby no Congressional candidate wants to be seen with today. They know punishment is on the way from betrayed voters. It was only two years ago when these same politicians stood tall next to their hero but just as these pathetic creatures were disloyal to the voters they are disloyal to Obama.

They want Obama’s Leftist donors but now they want to appear more moderate and centered. They’re hoping Americans are ignorant of the support for every failed Socialist idea and program. Let’s hope that the Internet has kept voters informed because thankfully the dying major Leftist propaganda machines don’t have their influence anymore.

It’s so much fun to not see Obama making ringing endorsements of Congressional and Gubernatorial Candidates. That would be the kiss of death for those campaigns.

We must always remember these Leftist incumbents were and are fully committed to Obama’s communist agenda and purge them accordingly. They will never be rehabilitated.

1994 proved to be a post-Clinton “mandate” political bloodbath and lots of bums went out with the Capital trash. Obama’s groupies need a double dose of 1994 correction.

When we throw these bums out the Congressional subpoenas will raining on Washington. We will know the truth about such things as Obama’s birth records, conspiracies of corruption behind the obscene amount of taxpayer cash funneled to crooks. Instead of promised jobs Obamanomics has plunged this nation into bankruptcy and weakness. Perhaps we can create a whole new Congressional wing at Club Fed.

Perhaps these Liberals can further protect themselves by doing away with the Federal death penalty. They need to remember treason is a capital crime. Oh I forgot Socialists are the most prolific sponsors of government sanction killing. Stalin, Hitler, Zedong, Pot and Castro were the experts on mass murder of their political opposition. I can’t help but wonder if they will still like it when they are on the train to Death Row?

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