Thursday, May 29, 2008

The TSA Is Really Gutting Our Economy

According to the Travel Industry Association, 41 million airplane trips were avoided last year by fellow Americans. That in turn dealt a $67 Billion cumulative cost to our economy.

A landmark survey revealed shocking information that points directly at the TSA and the misery they pile on to travelers with mindless security screening games and indignities that do nothing more that provide an illusion of security.

Flying today is a truly miserable experience.

This well researched report reveales the devastating impact the TSA's pretend security is having on our entire economy. Add to this prohibitive fuel costs and you more airlines will soon be asking for bankruptcy protection along with restaurants, hotels and other tourism generated businesses.

The tax man has been suffering too but don’t worry they will be given new tools to raid our wallets soon.

Read the survey:
Read this doc on Scribd: Air Travel Survey Summary

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