Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fugitive Soccer Mom's Story Is Nothing Less Than A Victor Hugo Novel

This time the character Jean Valjean from Hugo’s great tear-jerker novel, Les Misérables, turns out to be a woman!

Susan Leferve now known as Marie Walsh is the escaped convict that fled in 1976 from a severe 10 to 20 year prison term. She has turned her life around and lived the American dream with her husband and three children as a lawful and productive member of society.

Javert the policeman, chased Valjean for his entire career all over France. The Michigan Department of Corrections has their own Javert aided by the US Marshall's service.

Unfortunately, a 1832 national insurrection pre-dating the French Revolution brought death to most of the compelling characters in Les Misérables.

If every offender in this country could follow Leferve’s lead by escaping and to never reoffend we’d be living in a true Utopia. We want our criminals to change their ways but it’s a very rare day when that happens.

Some say it’s a terrible example to wipe LeFerve’s slate clean just because the fugitive turned her life completely around. I say the opposite is true, LeFevere should serve as an example that good things can happen when criminals change their evil ways.

LeFerve already waived extradition and Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm has the power to commute LeFever’s sentence. The parole board will hear requests and take testimony from citizens before making recommendations to Governor Granholm.

Hear Detroit , WJR Radio host Frank Beckmann talk to Russ Marlan of Michigan Department of Corrections, about the Susan LeFevre case.

If you want to help LeFerve here is how you can do so.

Michigan Department Of Corrections Information.

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Anonymous said...

Your have such a way with words. Leferve is lucky to have you in her corner to bring some sanity to this insane world.

I’ve called Governor Grandholm’s office about this because it was the right thing to do. Let’s hope the right thing happens and happens soon.