Friday, May 16, 2008

Retired LAPD Cop's Movie Security Deal Being Tampered With

A group of retired LAPD coppers have a sweet deal providing security for Hollywood’s Film Studios. They handle film location sets, and film premiers throughout Los Angeles. They wear LAPD style uniforms, weapons and drive look-alike LAPD motorcycles. Proudly they wear their retired shields.

The retired guys work under strict LAPD regulations just as they did when they were active officers. They are also part of The Motion Picture Officer’s Association.

Now the LAPD wants to boot these guys forcing the studios to hire current off duty and inexperienced officers. I say leave these guys alone! They’ve served their city and should be able to sweeten their retirement to help put their children and grandchildren through school. They protect all those around them when they work. The studios have years of confidence and trust invested in these fine men.

There’s more here in today’s L.A. Times

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