Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Busing Of Marie Walsh To A Michigan Prison Cell

Susan Lefevre now known as Marie Walsh has just begun a lengthy bus trip from San Diego, California to Plymouth Michigan where she escaped over three decades ago.

Michigan contracts with a private prisoner transportation vendor that provides this service as authorized under a specific federal law.

The bus will be visiting jails and prisons everywhere along the way where they will load and unload their high risk passengers.

I suspect that this trip is the most miserable way to travel and may take as long as two weeks. Walsh will be wearing chains on her wrists and ankles during every moment she is in the bus.

For Marie Walsh this may be the loneliest and most frightening trip she’s ever taken in her life.

The good news for the Walsh family is that the legal machinery will begin considering requests for a sentence reduction or commutation as that bus arrives.

When Marie Walsh steps off that bus she can hold her head up high and smile because the last three decades brought her a fine family that’s very proud of her.

We will find out if justice is tempered with mercy in Michigan as this story unfolds.

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