Friday, May 16, 2008

Chicago Police And Physical Fitness

Being a cop is not good for anyone’s health unless they’re assigned to bicycle or mounted patrol. Cops sit in a patrol vehicle answering calls and do minimal walking.

Cops never run on the job except when chasing offenders now and then. Cops eating habits are horrible because they don’t get to plan their lunch breaks. The number three on the McDonalds menu is the rut cops fall into.

Regular exercise for the most part is non-existent for too many cops.

The only cure for this is to give cops a 45 minute workout period before they begin their tour of duty. Paying them to exercise is cost effective when it keeps cops off the medical roles and covering insurance cost for their heart attacks.

Being a cop means that once they hit mandatory retirement at 63, they won’t be collecting their pensions for very long.

Some districts where our cops patrol have a serious shortage of clean and nutritious places to eat. Firemen are able to plan and make great meals to rival mom’s home cooking.

J-Fed seems to be trying to figure out a way to put cops into better shape. Any way at all but, allowing cops to work out on city time like our firemen. Ever notice that firemen are so much more fit then cops?

Too many Chicago cops are only one foot chase closer to a major heart attack.


A Voice of Sanity said...

After the reaming out the Chicago PD got tonight on '20/20', physical fitness seems to be the least of their problems. Moral fitness seems to be the big problem they have now.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Chicago suburbs and the local cops look fine, but you're right about the Chicago cops. I've never seen a scruffier or more wobbly bunch. I don't agree with making the police paramilitary but I think massive guts and crumpled shirts should be banned.

Anonymous said...

3:48, C U Next Tuesday, come run with me in the ghetto, and I promise u, u ain't gonna worry about scruffy, wobbly or crumpled. Be glad your burb boys have the time to babysit U. Paul, I am very disappointed in you!