Sunday, May 18, 2008

The “08” Presidential Election Will Entertain Us For Sure

Never before, have our Presidential candidates had such incredible baggage going into a major campaign fight.

Obama’s association and deals with racists and corrupt Chicago politicians, have yet to begin being exploited. The time is drawing near for that bomb to explode. I suspect that there may even be an indictment in Obama’s future.

As for McCain he will have to rehash his tawdry role in the Keating Five Scandal. As I write this piece McCain is being exposed in a new lobbying scandal that’s breaking. McCain will never win real support from the Conservatives he has redundantly betrayed.

The match between Obama and McCain will be like nothing Americans have seen before. The information age may very well, fully gut these two pretenders before anyone is sworn in as President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

McCain took a huge hit for this Country w/his capture and torture.
They all have baggage; but I believe w/what he endured, JM will be a much better leader.
But I dont trust the voters to make the right decision: look at the whore-monger that got elected
twice against 2 WW2 vets.
Somehow Paul, we will survive....

Anonymous said...

Which one shall we vote for The White and crooked Bolshevik or the Black, racist and crooked Bolshevik? That’s just no choice at all.

We were always were supposed to give veterans a five point hiring advantage. Does Obama’s service in the Black Liberation Army count as military service?

Ed Skinner said...

Zelda McCorville should consider a late entry into the race. She'd get our two votes!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

We here at Crimefile LOVE Zelda. We want her to run for President because she has the right stuff to lead our country.