Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drew Peterson’s "Illegal" Rifle Was Measured Incorrectly

I’m convinced that Peterson’s Colt rifle left the factory with the barrel that’s presently on the gun. Measuring barrel length is somewhat tricky and cops are really not trained to do that.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar cases have been thrown out of various federal and state courts after the defense could show the weapons were measured incorrectly. Colt will provide official documentation of any firearm they’ve ever produced as to the exact specifications including barrel length when it left the factory.

Sometimes gunsmiths will shorten a barrel but there is no reason to make it 3/8” too short. If they want to make it short they will remove a lot more than 3/8”. Simply put, cutting the barrel only 3/8" shorter than the legal length is really pointless.

I have a request for information into the Colt factory as of today on the actual Peterson rifle. I already know what they will tell me. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

For one thing, it looks like they're measuring w/o the flash suppessor screwed on. Thats half the reason they got those long ones, to legalize the barrel length.
For craps sake, if they got the guy, charge him(murder), if not leave hom alone...........

TheBronze said...

If that is in fact the rifle in question, that barrel is about 2-3 inches under the legal 16". In order to count the flash-suppressor as part of the barrel, it has to be permanently attached (not just screwed on/off). Unless ISP used extraordinary means to remove it, it would seem that it wasn't permanently attached. Also, the BPD Chief said that this rifle wasn't a dept.-issued rifle, that he bought it privately.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have since learned that the rifle was rebuilt from parts and that the barrel was an aftermarket item. No aftermarket outfits make a barrel only 3/8’ shorter than the legal limit.
The flash suppressor was removed by state police before they “measured” the barrel. It’s more than obvious that did not know how to do that.
Read the defense motion filed on 30 May 08 posted on this blog and you will see that federal law is the law of the land. Barrel length is meaningless in this instance.

Bolingbrook police requires their officers to find and purchase their own firearms used for duty purposes including SWAT weapons.
This AR-15 rifle was made to be concealable weapon with the 16.1 inch barrel and the folding stock

Anonymous said...

You say that the rifle was measured incorrectly ?????? and that the barrel that was on the rifle was the one that was on it when it left the factory ????? Guess you need to go watch the interview between Joel Brodsky & Geraldo because Joel says that drew modified the weapon just last year by removing the factory barrel and installing another one which made it shorter ....Why do all you cops stick together ???? Cops are never liars or crooks huh ??? i think your the one with a lukewarm IQ if you think that drew peterson in innocent ... Its not possible that one man has this much bad luck with missing & dead wives !!!!!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Geraldo knows nothing at all about firearms. The barrel on Peterson’s SWAT rifle was a shorter replacement barrel but I believe the one on the rifle is 16.1” in length. The Colt barrel that came on that frame was much longer than the law requires.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about the investigation into the disposition of Peterson’s wives. He’s absolutely innocent because he has not been convicted of anything. He’s never even been charged. Your reaction to the publicity is un-American to say the least.

Unless someone can establish that either Peterson wife was actually murdered these cases are over. If one or both were murdered they will have to locate and charge a suspect.

No suspect can be convicted until either a guilty plea is entered or a jury finds the suspect guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.