Sunday, December 27, 2009

TSA Responds To Suicide Bombing Attempt with More Of The Same

Washington, DC—With airlines having lost millions of passengers that refuse to waive their personal privacy and freedom the few remaining passengers can expect more aggravation.

From the Whitehouse, Homeland Security down to the losers employed in the TSA jobs program, making passengers more miserable is the order.

No longer will passengers be able to have objects in their laps or enjoy in-flight entertainment for the last hour of their flights. Need to use the lavatory? Better put diapers on your next shopping list.
This is all because government officials would not heed the warning of a father who warned them about this radical Muslim son.

The airlines are barely able to stay in the air now with the cost of fuel, taxes and the cost of running their operations. We can count on millions more passengers avoiding the encounters with those low wattage, uneducated or trained TSA workers.

Our TSA bureaucrats want to prove to us they are concerned about our safety so their little storm troopers will torture us with nastier attitudes. That, as they as the feel up and fondle fellow hapless Americans.

If I had my way, I’d take my chances with the terrorists, without the TSA. I’d settle for allowing anyone with a concealed weapon permit to fly armed. I’d settle for trained and experienced cops meeting and greeting passengers for the purpose of criminal profiling. We could have a safe hassle-free travel experience but our ignorant officials have other ideas.

What we can count on is yet more misery and heftier ticket prices as airlines reduce service because of fewer passengers. Bankruptcy lawyers will be the few benefiting from what Homeland Security will be promulgating.


Anonymous said...

TSA is a complete joke.If those sodomites that work the airports as bumbling irish welfare/affirmative action hires know more than me,I have a bridge to sell you.

Anonymous said...

A simple solution would be to allow law abiding concealed carry holders and active and retired law enforcement officers to be armed while traveling on aircraft. The on;y stipulation would have to be that they are issued bullets that would not penetrate the fuselage, yet could stop a terrorist in his tracks.