Sunday, December 20, 2009

Has Joseph Wambaugh’s Art Been Lost Forever?

Los Angeles, CA—Former LAPD cop turned author, Joseph Wambaugh captured police work on paper like few other authors. Wambaugh’s work gave millions a realistic view inside the crime scene tape that shuts out prying eyes.

Many of Wambaugh's works were made into feature films or episodes of his hit TV series, Police Story. When I met Wambugh a couple of years ago I asked him a question he could not answer. Where are the DVD’s of his best stories that made the large and small screens?

These days almost anything is in print and available at Netflix. Absent are copies of my two favorite Wambaugh films, THE ONION FIELD and ECHOES IN THE DARKNESS.

Also missing are any episodes of Police story. Some of the actors that rocked on Police Story included Tony LoBianco, Don Meredith, Vic Morrow, Chuck Connors, James Farentino, Jan-Michael Vincent, Danny Bonaducci, Ralph Meeker, Diane Baker and Hugh O’Brian.

There has to be film and master tapes somewhere. It can’t be that difficult to let Wambaugh and those wonderful players to collect a little extra cash for their unforgettable work?


Anonymous said...

I LOVED Police Story, especially the episodes with Vic Morrow. Watching that show was one of the reasons I wanted to become a Police Officer. I pray that one day I will see that show become available on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Howard Duff and former NYPD officer Eddie Egan, and Joe Santos of the "Rockford Files," all who were in several episodes.