Monday, December 07, 2009

Republican Party Must Become Conservative again or Get Out of The Way

The GOP has lost its way. They have become a tool for Democrats to have a wider chance at winning races by turning general elections into primary elections. If a liberal can’t win a primary election simply wear a Republican label and get a second shot in the General election.

The result is that in Liberal areas of the country the GOP becomes a shell for Democrats or worse for their Leftist power struggles.

The problem is that these infiltrating “party members” are later allowed to pick the GOP’s major candidates for party support. That’s precisely why the GOP has such terrible candidates as John McCain and both Presidents named George Bush.

The GOP must expel these so called moderates or the entire party must be abandoned by Conservatives.

Why must the GOP leadership be under Leftist control? No GOP endorsement should ever go to anyone that does not share the party principals on limited government, low taxes and gun rights.

We have a Communist in the Whitehouse today because Conservatives rejected that pretender, John McCain.

The GOP must be cleansed of the Leftist and Liberals or we will continue to have what has become a one party system.

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