Friday, December 11, 2009

I’m always looking For Work In Germany

I had a marvelous time in Germany last month. I enjoy the people, their lifestyle and the wonderful food. I can’t wait to return!

Investigation, film making or covering news is what I love best. Doing that in Germany really rocks.

Getting drafted into the Army was made really sweet when I was sent to Germany and worked as an Army medical corpsman.

I’m looking for any excuse at all to return!


Anonymous said...

Off-topic, crime-y, but I viewed your little spot on the upcoming blogradio show. Shall it be live and with listner participation?


Ed Skinner said...

When the US SPF starts up here, I'm moving there -- they've already been through it and know better. (See for the "brief" from the Rand Corporation.)

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Ed that Rand report is right out of Gerorge Orwell. Looks like we will be killing government forces if that ever materialzes.

Anonymous said...

Crimefile might meet a lovely Fräulein. Never say never.

Then you will have a perfect excuse for a perfect life in US and Deutschland- good food and fun 6 months there - 6 months here.


Auf Wiedersehen für nun bis zum nächsten Mal