Friday, December 25, 2009

Muslim Bomber Tries to Blow Up Trans-Atlantic Flight

Detroit, MI-- a Delta Airlines flight approaching the Motor City from Amsterdam was the target of a Christmas al Qaeda, suicide bombing attack. Reportedly the bomber was on the infamous NO FLY list and was allowed to fly anyway.

Passengers subdued the bomber as he was trying to detonate the device. The plane was greeted by law enforcement, fire and paramedic crews. A man believed to be the suspect was taken to a local hospital under guard for treatment of burns.

This is another case where simple criminal profiling by police would have prevented an incident far more effectively than the silly frisking procedures employed by the world’s airports.

I’m quite sure that the TSA will ramp up the punishment against our own travelers as a result of another attack by a Muslim whack-job. The airlines could really use millions more passengers refusing to fly in order to avoid the un-American indignities forced on them when they travel.

When are we going to stop letting people on our planes with passports from unfriendly countries? Our government needs to remember we are not at war with Americans!


Anonymous said...

What are we waiting for? It's ALWAYS a Muslim pulling this kind of shit. What will it take before we throw ALL these Muslim cocksuckers out of America and the rest of the civilized world? A nuclear attack on a major city? Well…….it’s coming, and it’s just a matter of when.

Fuck Iraq and fuck Afghanistan. Bring our troops home now because there’s nothing worth dying for in those shithole countries, and we need em to fight the War happening here. Have them eject every single one of these Stone Age assholes back to the caves from whence they came. And I don’t give a fuck where or when they were born, if they’re Muslim……they have GOT TO GO!

And the next shitbag country that fucks with us, gets erased….plain and simple! No more boots on the ground in any foreign country. Just plenty of bombs….and BIG ONES TOO!

Anonymous said...

we are at war with hundreds of muslim terrorists inside the usa. thats why they need to racial profile.

Anonymous said...

We're going to have to start keeping a tally . Counting Fort Hood, Thats now 2 terrorist attacks in the continental United States since the Great One took office.

Anonymous said...

Kill them all let God sort them out!