Thursday, December 31, 2009

Disabled Illinois Cops Need Protection

Chicago, IL—This would not be an issue but for the miserable and unconstitutional gun laws of Illinois. Carrying a gun while not authorized by law in Illinois is a felony. The law-abiding folks can’t carry because they risk everything important like their job, reputation and citizenship. Dangerous felons on the other hand have nothing to lose.

We ask our cops to go out and investigate crimes and arrest the offenders. That is indeed risky business. However the risk does not end with the arrest.

Sometimes the cop is the only witness that can prove a crime and if he or she is murdered that old case evaporates and the offender must go free.

Sometimes a cop is recognized on a public street and swift retaliation for making the arrest happens. These ugly things can result months and even years after an arrest.

When an officer is off on disability either temporary or permanent the right to carry a concealed weapon ends. Perhaps the officer has an injured leg or back and running or even walking fast is out of the question. What are the officer’s options for survival? Frankly without a concealed handgun their future may be very bleak.

Now there is a group dedicated to get the necessary changes so officers on disability can reasonably protect themselves. The group behind this effort is called The Disabled Illinois Police Officer's Safety Group.

The first stop for this group is the Illinois General Assembly. Will state lawmakers give the very people on the front lines of public safety the protection they deserve?

We’ve asked those cops to risk life and limb so Illinois can be a safe place to live and raise children it is only fair that these elected officials make sure cops can protect themselves even when disabled.

This legislation was the brainchild of a group of Chicago finest who already picked the name, The Disabled Chicago Police Officer's Safety Group. Because this change must be a statewide effort the group as of today changed their name to The Disabled Illinois Police Officer's Safety Group.

For further information you can call or e-mail Rosemarie 'Ro' Giambalvo at (815) 751-7030 and


Jim McMahon said...

Hey Paul, Great article. The blog for this group is:

Ro said...

Thanks, Paul. Awesome article and great support from you.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what is your FOP doing to protect their disabled officers? Are they helping this group or going to stay in Daley's ass?

Anonymous said...

I dont want disabled cops carrying guns in Illinois. These are the same guys that enforce Illinois illegal gun laws but they want to live like kings abd be able to defend themselves. They cant run fast? neither can my mother. But she would be a felon is she carried.

Illinois is not a safe state either, quite the opposite. And much of the reason is the bad gun laws and the crooked cops who enforce them.