Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaking News! Film Director Roman Polanski’s Appeal Denied

Los Angeles, CA--The California 2nd District Court of Appeal announced today it had denied the petition to dismiss the case against fugitive film Director Roman Polanski.

Polanski will now have to litigate these matters in Los Angeles when and if he is extradited from Geneva, Switzerland. Polanski is currently fighting extradition while under home arrest in his Geneva Chalet.

Here is their opinion:
Polanski Appeal Denied


Anonymous said...

Why does the California Appellate Court Division 7 expect people to spend their lifetime fighting Judicial Misconduct at Santa Monica Courthouse for no pay and give up their life and get dragged into the grave by the fighting,

when that Judicial Misconduct also permeates Justices within the California Court of Appeals Second District, who are not honest enough to admit their crime as Polanski did, because no-one is holding them accountable

There are many more fun things to do in life than fight abuse of power and Judicial Misconduct, which give a person far more happiness and are profitable!!!

California Judges and Justices and the system needs to get their act together to be fair and not to mete out cruel and unusual punishment and other Judicial tricks -

Roman Polanski and others are not going to prop up the California Judicial System or be its guardians just as the American People no longer want to pay for Wall Street's excesses and greed by propping up Fannie and Freddie and AIG dead men walking.

Get a clue USA and practice what you preach

Anonymous said...

Rosemary's Baby is alive and well in California.

Rosemary's Baby is called Judicial Misconduct.

Roman Polanski is not the only instance of Judicial Misconduct in the Santa Monica Courthouse as there are other instances of Judicial Misconduct occuring which in fact parallel Roman Polanski's movie Rosemary's Baby, and which do include secret covens to boot.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary's Baby is alive and well in California. 

Rosemary's Baby is called Judicial Misconduct.

The Roman Polanski case is not the only instance of Judicial Misconduct in the Santa Monica Courthouse as there are other instances which in fact parallel Roman Polanski's movie Rosemary's Baby, and which include secret covens to boot.

See below for moreinfo:

Note: Link works as of 12/23/ 2009

Anonymous said...

Roman Polanski is not exactly a rapist because the sex was consensual.

Apparently the 13 year old victim had already had sex at 8 years old with a different man, and in 1977 had the opportunity to run away from Roman Polanski and their photo shoot, since Polanski was not holding a gun to her head.

In addition the teenager could have complained to the actress Angelica Huston who was on hand, if she was uncomfortable with what was going on.

Because the teenager did not run away from Roman Polanski's advances, the teenager either was attracted to Roman Polanski and the heat was on wth chemistry between them,

or the teenager was engaged in selling her soul to the devil just as the actor did in Rosemary's Baby to secure a part in a movie, and just as some Judges do in order to secure promotion in California.

Anonymous said...

Many say that the “victim” wanting the California DA to drop this case against Roman Polanski is irrelevant from a legal perspective, but then why is it irrelevant legally speaking that a plea bargain agreement was corrupted into bait and switch justice in the Santa Monica Courthouse, so the judge could cling on to to the seat of his pants – and reclaim his power base.

The photograph of Roman Polanski sitting next to smiling girls at the Oktoberfest in Germany seemed to threaten this Judge who retaliated against Polanski in order to preserve his superior stance.

The California criminal justice system, should not be used as a machine for powerful abusers whose inflated egos incur damage on celebrities, and ordinary citizens alike, and whose practices are essentially no different from those Polanski allegedly practiced on his “victim” if she indeed was a victim, and not a willing participant.

Please Note: The 13 year old “victim” had already been introduced to sex when she was 8 years old. Is it possible that she was not an entirely innocent “victim” and that either there was mutual attraction, or perhaps she was hoping for a part in Roman’s next movie.

If this were so the victim was engaged in selling her soul to the devil, just as the actor in Rosemary's Baby sold his soul to the devil, and just as a Judge in California may sell his soul to the devil to be promoted to Justice.

When there is something to be gained financially or politically - there will always be BAIT & SWITCH JUSTICE IN CALIFORNIA, AND NOT JUST BAIT AND SWITCH JUSTICE IN ROMAN POLANSKI’S CASE!

Anonymous said...

Why are people ignoring that Samantha’s mother trusted her young teenage daughter at a photo shoot with Polanski alone. Were there no laws in the 70’s that young teenagers should be with guardians if they worked as models in photo sessions?

Samantha is not entirely innocent, because she was concealing her topless modeling activities at the first photo shoot with Polanski from her mother.

If there had been a trusting mother daughter relationship, or if Samantha had not wanted stardom, the problem would been nipped in the bud after the first photo shoot.

This is what Samantha Geimer allegedly said in 1997 which is in People magazine,
" WHEN I FIRST MET ROMAN Polanski I was living with my mother and sister in the San Fernando Valley...My mother was a working actress, and I wanted to be like her. I wanted to be famous—a movie star.

On Feb. 20, 1977, Polanski took me on our first photo shoot in a hillside area just a few blocks from my house. We shot a roll of film; then he asked me to take off my shirt and took topless photos while I changed. I let him do it, but I felt self-conscious. I was thinking, "I shouldn't be doing this," but I was a kid, so I thought if it wasn't okay, he wouldn't tell me to do it. If I'd told my mom, she would never have let me go with him the second time.

(Important Note: If Samantha knew that her mother would put a stop to the topless photo shoots with Polansk, that is if Samantha had been willing to disclose this to her mother, then Samantha knew on the first photo shoot she should have said no to being photographed topless - yet Samantha did not say no, and nor did she tell her mother about her topless shoot)

When he (Polanski) made another appointment a few weeks later, she (Samantha's mother) had no reason to suspect anything. I didn't want to go, but I still thought it would be a good opportunity.

He picked me up again on March 10 at around 4 p.m. In the car he asked me if I'd ever had sex. I had, once I said yes."


From this interview we can see that 13 year old Samantha had already had sex before she met Roman Polanski , and we can also see that Samantha had purposely concealed from her mother that she was topless at her first photo shoot with Polanski.

Why was Samantha hiding what she was doing with Polanski from her mother? Could it be because Samantha knew her mother would disapprove and wanted the freedom to go to the next photo shoot with Polanski without her mother's interference, hoping for a part in Roman’s next movie - Samantha even says so in the article, when she says “I wanted to be famous- a movie star.”

It does seem as if Samantha had made an early career choice and was engaged in selling her soul to the devil, just as the actor in Rosemary's Baby sold his soul to the devil for a part in a movie, and just as a Judge in California will sell his soul to the devil and cover up police misconduct relating to sexual assault of a female to guarantee his promotion to Justice.

Roman Polanski is not entirely to blame in this scenario, and may have been victimized by Samantha's desire for stardom and the mother's LAX.

Samantha had the opportunity to run away at the second photo shoot and away from Roman Polanski.

No-one was holding a gun to Samantha’s head, she knew very well how to resist, as is evident she resisted her mother by hiding the fact that she had been photographed half naked at the first photo shoot with Roman Polanski..

Samantha either was attracted to Polanski despite what she says now, or was selling her soul to the devil for a part in Polanski’s next movie.

Anonymous said...

Why was Roman Polanski singled out and arrested for having sex with a minor 32 years ago, when another 17 year old American male, was not charged for having sex with the same minor, Samantha Galley.

It looks like Roman Polanski was being discriminated against and prosecuted for unlawful sex with a minor, because he was not a young American boy, or the regular boyfriend of the minor.

So in 1977 in California it was perfectly fine for a 17 year old American male to have sex with a minor, but not ok for a 43 year old Frenchman to have consensual sex with the same minor, Samantha Galley.

Either both males are guilty of having sex with the same minor and should have both been prosecuted, or neither should have.

This news paper article below written in Sept 1977 seems to demonstrate that Roman Polanski was never treated equally by the Los Angeles Santa Monica Judicial System in 1977 or since.

See Below for more info:

In the newspaper, "The Spokesman Review" of Sept 20th 1977 link below under the heading "Prison Ordered for Polanski", it states:

As Polanski stood ...beside his attorney, the Judge described for the first time the young model whose identity had been kept secret since Polanski was first charged ... with rape and drug abuse.

The Judge said, "The probation report discloses that although just short of her 14th birthday at the time of the offense, the victim was a well developed young girl who looked older than her years, and regrettably was not unschooled in sexual matters"

The Judge said, "She had a 17 year old boyfriend with whom she had sexual intercourse at least twice prior to the offense involved."

The Judge said perhaps the boyfriend should also be charged with a crime.

The Judge said the girl also "was not unfamiliar with the drug Quaalude, she having experimented with it as early as her 10th or 11th year..."

The judge said none of this excused Polanski...The probation report indicated the girl consented.

The judge said it made no difference.

"The law was designed for the protection of females under the age of 18 years." the Judge said, "and it is no defense to such a charge that the female might not have resisted the act."

The Judge, Judge Rittenband chastised the girl's mother for permitting the teenager to go with Polanski unchaperoned...

Polanski's attorney... argued for straight probation..."He stands before this court with a conviction of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor," said Dalton. "It's not even a criminal offense in about 13 of our states and many places in the is a serious crime, but not a unique crime.


Dalton was alluding to a recent scandal in which Hollywood police officers had sex with teenage girl explorer scouts...

For the full article the link is below:,1950498

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles should not use Polanski to promote their own political agenda and lust for power like a bunch of blood sucking vampires.

Los Angeles would be better served to dismiss the Polanski case, and not use Polanski to push their trademark & signature bait and switch justice in sexual assault cases, which runs Rampant & Rampart in Santa Monica Courtrooms which are run like back alleys, since bait and switch Justice is the name of the game, and the California Justice ain’t blind.

The Los Angeles Prosector wanting to continue to plod along with this very sad case after 32 years, is not justice, but it does serve the purpose of diverting attention away from the double standards, the Judicial and Prosecutorial misconduct and discrimination that occurred in Polanski's case.

Its continuation now after 32 years is only promoting the agony of the victim, a child who was pawned off by her mother, taken advantage of by a 17 year old American male as well as Polanski, and is now being re-victimized again by County of Los Angeles & D.A. Steve Cooley and his band of merry prosecutors who would rather point the finger at Polanski, than shine a light in a place where the sun don’t shine.

The torture and injustice

when will it end Los Angeles?

Anonymous said...


I guess the California Appeal Court misjudged the Los Angeles Prosecutors, and lower court judge in the Polanski case.

Maybe the California Appeal Court also misjudged the Roman Polanski case as it is a case which is getting nowhere fast and which continues to harm all those involved.

In addition to this getting nowhere on January 22, 2010, Roman Polanski was not able to trust the integrity of the Los Angeles County Judicial system the first time around, so why should he want to take a leap across the ocean now?

Roman Polanski, the small child, could not trust those who ran his country, and so why should he trust California Judges, when these officials have already let him down 32 years ago, and proven that they were not to be trusted when Santa Monica Judge Rittenband was going to renege on the original plea bargain agreement, and practice an extortion on Roman Polanski in his sentencing of Roman Polanski.

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge said today January 22nd 2010

"I choose to insist on the integrity of the judicial system that he [Roman Polanski] appear. The motion is denied."

I am glad this Los Angeles judge insists on the integrity of the California Judicial system, but the Judge's mere insistence is no guarantee, since the lack of integrity by the former Santa Monica Judge Rittenband against Roman Polanski is not instantly wiped out through the Los Angeles Judge's brand new mantra.

The problem is there is often no integrity in the California Justice system, which makes people who have experienced that lack of Judicial integrity want to steer well away from it. And why should this lack of Judicial integrity in California take up years and years of a person's life. After all it is not Roman Polanski's fault that there was no Judicial integrity in the Santa Monica Courthouse - 32 years ago.

This situation is bad enough for Californians and Americans, but why should a Frenchman like Polanski be obligated to a corrupt California judicial and prosecutorial system, and when a period of 32 years has gone by?

In conclusion Rosemary's Baby is still alive, and well, and is prospering in California, under the guise of Judicial Misconduct.

Roman Polanski is not the only instance of Judicial Misconduct in the Santa Monica Courthouse as there are other instances which parallel Roman Polanski's movie Rosemary's Baby, with secret covens of undocumented police in the courtroom to boot, assault and batter sexual assault victims, which unjust administration of justice is then covered up by the presiding Santa Monica Courthouse Judges, who are promoted to become California Justices, and covered up by the County of Los Angeles Sheriff's department and Police, and local governmental units , so its no longer Justice but instead a Cluster F....

California Justice currently does not care about sexual assault victims obviously.

Roman Polanski should be sentenced to time served, in absentia.

End of Story

See Below For More Info:

Anonymous said...

In Roman Polanski's case in 1977 a plea bargain agreement got corrupted into bait and switch justice when a photograph of Roman Polanski sitting next to smiling German girls at the Oktoberfest infuriated the Santa Monica Judge so much, and made him so jealous, that the Judge retaliated against Polanski by reneging on the plea bargain agreement, was about to sentence Polanski to a second prison term, and deprive Roman Polanski of his right to fight deportation,

This lack of Judicial integrity frightened Polanski so much that he fled.

When there is something to be covered up – and gained financially, politically, a personal score to settle - there will always be bait and switch justice in California courtrooms, Judge’s chambers, and this should not be confused with real Justice.

This bait & switch justice does not only occur in Roman Polanski’s case, since California Governmental Statutes aid and abet California's bait and switch justice system which does not treat people equally, and does not give them due process of law, and where they are deprived of their civil rights, under the color of law, and often assaulted and battered.

There is also a chilling effect for Hollywood storytelling because

if your movie ends up by saying “Forget it Jake it’s Chinatown”

there’s a great likelihood that this ending could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy in Chinatown,

just as it has thus far in Roman Polanski’s case…

Anonymous said...

Film maker Roman Polanski, under house arrest in Switzerland and fighting extradition to the United States, won the best director award at the Berlin film festival today for political thriller "The Ghost Writer."

It's form is very Hitchcockian.

I saw the film yesterday, the scenes are excellently directed visually and the script is very amusing and fun.

The script is set against a political backdrop of torture and war crimes.

Today Bush administration lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee were also found not guilty of misconduct for condoning harsh interrogation techniques

Anonymous said...

You don’t have to support torture to find that the Santa Monica Court and the California Courts behavior towards Polanski is absolutely atrocious and sadistic, all the more so since the courts don't care about female sexual assault victims at all.

All it cares about is giving the female sexual assault victims the short shift using the male muscle of their own abuse of power. The problem is the system is corrupt.

While the system is corrupt why should anyone respect it when those victimized have to suffer again because of the Official corruption?

So to equate Judicial Misconduct, Prosecutorial Misconduct, & Police Misconduct with torture is no red herring, since coercion, intimidation, discrimination, assault and battery, thuggery, greed, bait and switch justice, and no accountability is the name of the game -

Remember Amadeo Diallo, unarmed, shot 41 times by New York Police for doing nothing on the 4th February 1999. The police had a license to kill and they did. It was easy to shoot 41 times and kill Amadeo Diallo because there was no Official accountability for their acts in New York City.

So bottom line there is torture inflicted on foreign individuals and Americans alike by American Officials and Official Misconduct is the worst kind of abuse of power.

The torture was not of the same kind for Amadeo Diallo as he had never formally been accused of anything. His was a short torture of 41 bullets, and death came quickly,

For Roman Polanski who was accused, he has been tortured for 32 years through Official Misconduct, illegal coercion, and a prosecutor David Wells who was not assigned to the case, chatting to the Judge regarding upping the ante on Polanski’s 2nd sentence, when Polanski had already served one unappealable sentence at Chino.

There is no red herring here, only torture.

Anonymous said...

May contain spoilers to “The Ghost Writer”

Some may think that with Polanski’s latest movie "The Ghost Writer" that Polanski has escaped into his own nightmarish cinema, which bears no resemblance to reality, or to his current situation.

But this is not true since there is an aspect of the movie which duplicates Roman Polanski’s own demise in America in 1978, which is not all of his own doing.

In the movie there are two ghost writers who never meet, the first one dies before the new one arrives, but both ghost writers are linked in having to deal with the same people in the same location, with the same corruption, the same cover-up, the same set of circumstances which seeks to kill them for exposing corruption.

In the movie the first ghost writer perishes under strange circumstances and becomes a ghost, paralleling Roman Polanski's own transformation into a Ghost in America in 1978 in that he had to flee America due to Judicial & Prosecutorial Misconduct perpetrated against him.

Then just like the movie"The Ghost Writer" a second ghost writer does exist in reality, who also faced Judicial corruption at the same Santa Monica Courthouse, California, but some twenty years later, for exposing Police corruption.

For the second ghost writer official corruption came in the form of Judicial Misconduct and Police brutality, undocumented White County Sheriffs in the Courtroom to assault and batter, for exposing College Police cover up of her sexual assault complaint perpetrated by a photography teacher which sexual assault occurred in his darkroom class from behind.

Thus the two ghosts or ghost writers are linked through Judicial corruption occurring in the same location, the Santa Monica Courthouse.

By exposing police corruption in the Santa Monica Courtroom the second ghost writer, a female was attacked in the courtroom by an undocumented White County of Los Angeles sheriffs Deputies and an African American College Police Officer in front of a County judge who has now been promoted to the California Court of Appeals by the former California Governor on police brutality day.

Because there are two Ghost writers that have been victimized at the same location, the Santa Monica Courthouse, but who have never met, but yet whose paths are inextricably crossed because of the Judicial Misconduct and corruption they both encountered there.

This makes Roman Polanski’s claim of Judicial Misconduct and discrimination all the more powerful, since there is a double standard in how sexual assault cases are being manipulated and exploited in the Santa Monica Courthouse, California.

The movie, "The Ghost Writer" warns writers to not look for the truth, or facts that Officials do not want you to expose, because if you dare expose those political facts, or if you dare to report sexual assault by a California College professor, you may end up as a ghost of yourself, and possibly dead upon arrival.

Anonymous said...

WB said."Do you really think Polanski's arrest came out of the Los Angeles district attorney's office?"

No the first call may have come from higher up because the movie "The Ghost Writer" speaks of Official connections to war crimes, and this possibly could have hit an Official sore spot.

And talking of war crimes would you rather be oppressed by being a prisoner in Abu Ghraib,

or by being a young girl in Roman Polanski’s hot tub, which may have been a consensual affair, and thus not true oppression,

or would you rather be oppressed by being assaulted and battered in a Santa Monica Courtroom California by a number of undocumented white County of Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies and the African American Police Officer defendant in front of the County of Los Angeles Judge, who is now a California Justice, in the very same Santa Monica Courthouse as Roman Polanski.

for reporting Santa Monica College Officials and their police cover up of sexual assault complaint against a California employed photography instructor that occurred from behind in his color printing darkroom class.

Bottom line is this - the amount of oppression that Roman Polanski could bring is rather minor in comparison to the Abuse of Power and Oppression Officials en masse do create under color of law,

or Officials create through ratifying the "Torture Memos" which then enables Officials to eviscerate people's civil rights, regardless of whether that torture occurs behind closed doors at the Santa Monica Courthouse in California, or abroad.

Anonymous said...

It's Polanski's fault all over again according to LA Prosecutors. who blame Polanski now, not only for the Judge's Misconduct against Polanski, but also for not being able to discipline the Judge - because the Judge is dead.

In a 26-page Appeal brief Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys make their argument to the California Appeal court stating that allowing Polanski to avoid extradition from Switzerland hurts the integrity of the judicial system more than revelations of alleged misconduct by Santa Monica Judge Laurence J. Rittenband against Roman Polanski.

The Los Angeles District attorneys wrote "If Judge Rittenband committed every act of misconduct alleged, Judge Rittenband was the individual most deserving of disciplinary action, but he is beyond any earthy disciplinary authority," they wrote.

"The fact that the Santa Monica Judge cannot be disciplined now is the fault of only one person,

Roman Polanski."


What can you say about LA Prosecutor's brief apart from - it is utter nonsense.

What came first - the chicken or the egg -The Santa Monica Judge & Prosecutorial misconduct against Polanski or Polanski having to flee Judicial Misconduct.

The integrity of the Judicial system was ruined once the original prosecutors and Judge signed on in 1977, & that was not Polanski's fault.

Since Polanski's case is not the only incident of Judicial corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse. with other instances of corruption occurring since the judge died, it would be very wrong to blame the dead Judge entirely for all the corruption at that Courthouse, and "crime or no crime" Polanski certainly should not have to suffer any further harm because of the sins and instability of the California Judicial & Prosecutorial system.

Anonymous said...

To The Federal Office Of Switzerland Justice

Issue: Roman Polanski should be released as soon as possible

Message Sent 4/9/ 2010

I stress the Swiss Justice should look very closely at the fact that there are multiple claims of Judicial Corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse California, which are comig from other sources other than Roman Polanski.

Thus the Swiss Federal Office of Justice should take these other instances of Judicial & police Corruption into consideration and release Roman Polanski as soon as possible, since the California Justice system is not trustworthy.

There are witnesses to a double standard being applied in California's Courts, and that sexual molestation cases are being exploited by the California authorities, depending on who is involved. The bias seems to go against those born in other countries. And the police and Judges will cover up sexual assault by employees at California's Colleges and assault and batter the victims of sexual molestation.

Anonymous said...

The Ghost Writer, is an excellent and highly entertaining movie, which parallels Polanski?s plight since the first ghost writer who gets washed up on the beach is the equivalent of Roman Polanski in January 1978, who after running into Judicial & Prosecutorial corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse became a ghost in America.

Polanski did not become a Ghost because of his sex crime. He was trying to make it right with the California authorities but instead of being forthright they f..... him around.

If Polanski committed a crime in California, and to commit a crime, the intent to commit a crime must have been there, then even so - the process should not have included bait and switch plea bargains, and illegal Judicial coercion in the sentencing.

The Judicial and Prosecutorial corruption is the only reason Polanski?s case is in the news today 33 years later, because I believe if Polanski had been treated fairly, and sentenced immediately by the Santa Monica Judge Rittenband, not allowed to make a movie, then the problem of the Oktoberfest photo could not have happened, and in turn Roman Polanski would not have felt a need to fly over the Cuckoos Nest, up up and away from the instability, and back to Paris.

See Below for more info from 1978, which shows Polanskis case would not be continuing today, but for Santa Monica Judge Laurence J. Rittenband's ridiculously insane treatment of Polanski!,1950498

continued below

Anonymous said...

continued from above

Remember it was Santa Monica Judge Rittenband acting for California - who thought the sexual molestation was so so terrible that he let Roman Polanski leave America after he was arrested in 1977 to make a movie in Tahiti. See article above.

If Polanski's crime was so terrible why did the Judge let Polanski leave USA to make a movie in 77?

Isn?t this insane?

In addition Roman Polanski's case is not the only incident of Judicial corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse in sexual assault cases, which indicates a double standard,

where Los Angeles and their lawyers are exploiting sexual assault cases for their own power and greed,

so their employees can continue to sexually molest at California Colleges with impunity, knowing the County of Los Angeles lawyers will be there to bail them out, and cover up and frame the sexually molested victims, so California employees can all continue to abuse with immunity and simultaneously get their fat pay check.

The exploitation and corruption of Santa Monica and Los Angeles authorities is against sexual assault victims in addition to those who are accused of a crime

See Link:

It is convenient for Los Angeles Prosecutors, but wrong to blame the dead Santa Monica Judge Rittenband entirely for all the corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse, or Polanski,

since the Santa Monica Judicial corruption is systemic and permeates the entire California Justice system even today, including its Court of appeals, Second District where Polanski?s case is being decided.

In the California appeal court there is a Justice Rubin who was promoted on police brutality day by the former Governor, who allowed undocumented white sheriff deputies to assault and batter a victim of sexual molestation and police cover up of it, at the Santa Monica Courthouse in front of him. See link above.

Later Rubin said only one African American Sheriff Deputy was in his Santa Monica courtroom, but this is untrue and the African American County of Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Terry January has been convicted in a different matter, which does put a dent in that California Justice?s credibility and the County of Los Angeles's cover-up. See below.

5:07-cr-00050-SGL USA v. January

What can you say when you have experienced all this corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse, just as Polanski has, cexcept to say

Forget it Jake, Its China Town!

Anonymous said...

Apparently French President Nicolas Sarkozy hand-deliver a letter last week to President Obama from Roman Polanski asking for leniency.

In an act of backroom international diplomacy, French President Nicolas Sarkozy delivered the letter from Roman Polanski to President Barack Obama last week at the international anti-nuke proliferation summit in Washington, according to the prestigious French political magazine, L’Express.

The Polanski letter, is said to suggest that the two months the director spent in a Swiss prison—in addition to the 47 days that he spent in detention in California in 1977—should suffice

Polanski’s letter also suggests that extraditing him would do little more than feed the appetite of the American media that he believes just wants to humiliate him.

More at

Anonymous said...

When the Santa Monica Judge in 1977 wanted to force Polanski into deportation, using illegal coercion in the sentencing, the Judge broke the plea bargain agreement, abused his official power, using bait and switch justice,

which betrayed the righteous legal process, destroyed Roman Polanski’s trust, and caused Roman Polanski to flee.

California Officials are not policing their own institutional sexual offenders who work for the State and its subdivisions, but instead will act to cover up, physically harm, assault and batter the victim for reporting the offense, and re-victimize the victim instead. This is built into the system.

In view of the double standard it would be in the interests of justice to free Roman Polanski, as soon as possible.

In fact it’s a perfect time to pardon Roman Polanski,

In view of the judicial, & prosecutorial corruption against him, plus the double standard in sexual assault cases in California, that's firmly entrenched,

It's also a good time for California to attend to its own ills.

But currently the California Appeal Court is diverting attention away from the Judicial & Prosecutorial corruption that occurred in Polanski’s case in 1977, by blaming Polanski for not being in Los Angeles,

but what came first the chicken or the egg,

the Judicial corruption or Polanski fleeing?

Of course it was the Judicial & Prosecutorial Corruption.

So could it be that the California Appeal Court does not really want to investigate the Judicial corruption in Polanski's case, or for that matter any other.

Anonymous said...

Just as it was outrageous for the Catholic Church, to put the untarnished reputation of its priesthood ahead of children’s’ sufferings, so to those who put their faith in artists should realize that they too have no special claim to be beyond good and evil.

But as Polanski never claimed he was beyond good and evil, admitted to his crime, he wins out here, and is not a hypocrite, and is the lesser of two evils. In fact Polanski may not be evil at all. He may even be really good!

However California & Santa Monica Judges lose out since they are not beyond evil, and emulate Bishops in covering up sexual molestation cases, which occur in their own Rank & File. In addition the California Justices are not jumping at the chance to investigate their own Judicial & Prosecutorial Corruption in Polanski’s case.

In addition California Justice by using bait and switch justice, illegal coercion in the sentencing, this is the equivalent of raping criminal defendants and civil plaintiffs, albeit psychologically, invisibly, since this is an abuse of Judicial power.

In addition when a sexual molestation victim in a police cover-up case is assaulted and battered in front of a Judge using undocumented white sheriff deputies in order to intimidate and silence them, this is also misusing Judicial power.

Finally it is also an abuse of power when Federal Judges cover up so the reputation of the men in black can remain untarnished, and so California's sexual molesters, police cover up con- artists, and California's Judges & Justices will also remain forever spotless in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

Anonymous said...

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

County of Los Angeles Santa Monica Judge Laurence J. Rittenband, would have sentenced Roman Polanski in absentia 33 years ago.


The new County Los Angeles Judge Peter Espinoza on 22nd January 2010 stated in his Los Angeles courtroom that he would like Roman Polanski to come to Los Angeles to receive the original intended sentence –which is the time Mr. Polanski had already spent in a state prison (Chino) under psychiatric evaluation in 1977 & 1978.

What Los Angeles Judge Peter Espinoza stated on 22nd January 2010 is documented in the New York Times:

Roman Polanski’s American lawyers may have a transcript...

If County of Los Angeles Judge Peter Espinoza has stated that Roman Polanski's sentence, if he were to come to U.S.A, is for the time he has already served 42 days in 1977 & 1978, that there would be no more jail time,

then it should follow given this information that Swiss Justice authorities could make a decision to deny the extradition of Roman Polanski to California USA,

since he does not have a sentence of six months or more, and thus California’s extradition request does not meet Switzerland’s extradition criteria, where extradition can only take place if there is six months or more prison time to be served.