Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sadly, Today’s Joke is Homeland Security And The TSA

Washington, D.C.—In an exercise on total stupidity the TSA made public their entire manual for protective measures on their own public accessible web site!

The rules they operate under should have never been kept secret.

The procedures that reveal failings of the system and the screening details of law enforcement personnel should never have been released.

The cat’s out of the bag, all 93 pages of it. This breach of security is amazing to say the least. I’m sure it’s already in the hands of all the wrong people!

There is good news however and that is the revelation that desspite what the TSA jerks tell you, you can photograph or videotape the TSA people without their permission and use the tape to expose their discourtesy or abuse.

Since the exact rules are posted here you can remind them when they exceed their authority over you, your bags or their content. By reading their rules you will see that they have a solid history of inventing their own rules that are not supported in their own bureaucracy.

This is what happens when you place law enforcement duties in the hands of untrained and unqualified civilians. Marginable folks with marginable skills, training and abilities enable terrorists. At the same time they aggravate the public with invented petty procedures.

I suggest you make a digital copy in case the ones already posted to the internet disappear.
I only wish the TSA would likewise disappear.
Ht Tsa Screening 2 091208


Anonymous said...

TSA is just anoth govt Irish Welfare system.These tards couldnt find a real threat if they tried.

US Army Major said...

Irish welfare? Black Irish, maybe. Coming out of Fort Benning this year we were flying a puddle-jumper from Columbus to Atlanta GA. Even though every one of us was an American soldier, the four black TSA morons treated us like we were dirt. They openly searched almost every bag, confiscated toothpaste, money clips, contact lens solution, then proceeded to lecture us on how to pack a bag. Their hostiity toward us was no secret - we were all white, except for Sgt (name omitted - Chinese). If I wasn't so tired I would have smacked the black bitch stupidvisor whose racism oozed out like a sinister poison. Then when we got to Atlanta - guess what? More racist black TSA assholes. Fat, lazy and stupid. TSA - They'll Steal Anything.