Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can The Airlines still survive with nearly one third less paying passengers?

Washington, D.C.—With the current discussion of those horrifically expensive and intrusive full body scanners for airline travelers Fox News is doing a survey. The results so far indicate airlines will lose much more business yet.

Can our mortally wounded economy take yet another massive hit?

Would you be willing to undergo an airport "full body scan"?
Yes 71% 146252
No 29% 60717
Total votes: 206969

You need to examine this 2008 report about Americans and their response to the TSA and their security screening:

According to the Travel Industry Association, 41 million airplane trips were avoided last year by fellow Americans. That in turn dealt a $67 Billion cumulative cost to our economy.

A landmark survey revealed shocking information that points directly at the TSA and the misery they pile on to travelers with mindless security screening games and indignities that do nothing more that provide an illusion of security.

Flying today is a truly miserable experience.
Air Travel Survey Summary


Anonymous said...

The 9/11 attacks were a complete success.The real goal and objective was to disrupt the American way of life and to infringe on our freedoms.

Patriot Act I&II,TSA,DHS are all the knee jerk reactions that the terrorists counted on,they won.

Ed Skinner said...

Of course the airlines will survive. They'll just need a small government bail-out from time to time.

Watch for it, folks. It's coming.

(And say, No!!!)

Jim McMahon said...

You're exactly right Ed. It can't miss. Once this healthcare takeover is complete, Obama will have successfully taken control of 48% of the private wealth in this country. So when he gets the airline's all over!