Monday, December 07, 2009

Can The Three-Episode Mini-Series Revive Television?

Los Angeles, CA—They seem to have tried everything to keep viewers in front of their televisions and have failed.

These days every feature film is made from a uniform 120 page script. This is more to keep movie house audiences rolling over. There are no more, GONE WITH THE WIND style epic productions. The movie houses can’t deal with more than a 120 minute film.

Americans have changed their viewing habits and no longer have the patience for continuing storylines of the weekly series. Television entertainment is all but on life support. I have the answer! What was old should become new!

It’s time to return to the three episode mini-series. There are thousands of events in history and many thousands more that can be fabricated into quality programming for busy Americans. This concept was euthanized by the networks and should be brought back for new life. Reality TV has run its course and can be replaced with something better.

Yes, making a quality mini-series is expensive but there are the reruns and DVD sales to profit from. Hollywood needs to invest money to make money. Taking war, romance, history, biography and crime to a more informative five hour medium is what’s needed today.

Television can compete with the movie theaters now in a big way. You can see quality high definition movies in the comfort of your own home. Aside from watching sporting events and DVDs of movies we’ve already seen our wonderful state of the art big screen TVs are not getting use.

Americans need to demand more from the entertainment providers.

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Anonymous said...

Shoot on digital format,saves a bundle over film and its processing costs.