Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Metal Detector Society In America Is Here!

The bodies from the Omaha mall shooting are not yet cold and already the shills from security companies are out telling us hiring millions of new low wattage and poorly paid security workers are needed to screen all the shoppers of America’s shopping malls.

Thee frisking advocates say America has accepted the metal detectors as part of our culture and really won’t mind. I say these clowns are consuming way too much white powder up their noses. I just don’t see Americans lining up to be searched like criminals as they do their Christmas shopping.

They only mall I would visit under those circumstances is a virtual one located in cyberspace. The malls have already lost more than enough business with the advent of the Internet and I suspect will not warm up to the idea of losing more needed profits.

I avoid all possible commercial air travel and attending any public event where I have to deal with the un-American concept of waiving my Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. I avoid jury duty by simply refusing to be searched entering courthouses. I refuse to waive Constitutional rights in order to do any civic duty and am always excused by the Jury Commissioners.

The real answer is to eliminate the feel good, Gun Free Zones and encourage Americans to protect themselves, families and neighbors. I guess that a really radical idea these days.


Anonymous said...

Two great posts, Paul. The other thing about metal detectors is that they do absolutely nothing to prevent this type of attack by themselves. Unless combined with multiple armed guards per entrance and bullet-proof barricades, this type of shooter would simply make the poor schmuck running the metal detector his first victim.


Anonymous said...

I just happend to come across this post while searching for info on just how dangerous gun free zones are. I have to say I agree 100%. No way on Gods earth would I ever tolerate "Airport type security" in a mall. Not gonna happen. Id rather stay at home and shop online ARMED.

Anonymous said...

OK, you got UNARMED security guards manning a metal detector. And just what will they do if someone comes with a gun?

RUN, that's what they'll do.....