Monday, December 10, 2007

An Armed Hero Angel Prevented A Church Holocaust.

New Life Evangelical Church, Colorado Springs, CO--42 year-old, Jeanne Assam is an angel and a genuine hero that may have saved as many as 100 lives. Assam volunteered to perform security duties during services when 24 year-old Matthew Murray began his murderous Sunday assault on worshipers.

The plain clothed, security angel immediately sprang into action drawing her personal handgun, pursued and engaged the gunman killing him. Assam's heroic act ended any further injury or death.

Jeanne Assam is my candidate for Woman of The Year. I hope organizations such as The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission recognize our angel for her extraordinary courage and heroism.

As more information becomes available you will see it here at Crimefile News.


Anonymous said...

This lady is both an angel and a world class hero.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I only wonder why the media doesn't pick up on these kinds of stories. Oh wait, I do know why. The media is run by a bunch of liberal, gun hating pukes.

Anonymous said...

This lady is very courageous. I hope she gets the support and help she will need in the weeks ahead.

Anonymous said...

This is one incredible woman, who is also a victim of the monster responsible for so much sorrow in this season of joy. Forever she will carry the scar of taking a human life. The pain in her eyes during her interview is telling of the torment her soul is going through right now.

Logically she certainly knows she is a hero, saved countless lives and there was no other way it could have ended any better. Emotionally she knows a 24 year-old is dead at her hands. As despicable a person as he was and as worthy of his fate he is, one who values life does not take a life without remorse.

I pray for her and all of the families of the victims. I also pray for the gunman's family. I also pray that the gunman is quickly becoming acquainted with hell at this very moment.

Brian Blackwell said...

The story of Jeanne Assam and the incident at New Life Church is an example of the need for Concealed Carry (CCW) permits for private citizens.

I don't know why Assam would feel pain for shooting the gunman. She did what she had to.

Mathew Murray was walking dung. Value for his life ended the moment he began firing his weapon.

Investigator Blackwell