Monday, November 12, 2007

Suspect’s descriptions Broadcast by Media Sans Race Identification

In a really lame act of political correct insanity many overly sensitive media organizations refuse to publish the race of suspects wanted for violent crimes. They provide all of the information except the race of the fugitive being sought.

The police need help from the public in order to get dangerous killers and such off of our streets but too many in the media filter the information and obstruct the effort. There is no race on earth that does not have criminals. This silliness can’t possibly be about racism or discrimination?

By including the race entire segments of our population can be either eliminated or included for those people willing to look out for these suspects. If a media organization does not want to publish the race of suspects why bother to give any description at all?

I thought the purpose of the media was to keep the public informed.

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Levois said...

Not to be inflammatory but I've heard that in the past a newspaper wouldn't publish the race if it was a white person in question. If the person was black then they would call that person a black person. Almost as if they were putting that black into a special category here. I'm not saying that's what happened and I agree with you publishing a race would help identify the suspects more easily.

BTW, I was something I heard from my mom who would read a southern newspaper back in the day.