Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When You Lay Down With Dogs You Wake Up With Fleas

Duane “Dog” Chapman has ended his television career with one short phone call. The ex-convict turned bounty hunter and TV star had a private moment with his son memorialized on tape and made public.

I’ve never been a fan of Chapman or his sordid business of hunting down bail absconders. At the same time, I don’t think Chapman’s private phone calls are or should be public business but accept that reality in the unforgiving world we live in. No TV network wants the baggage of a racist to deal with. Dog, you’ve been canceled.

Read more about this and hear the tape yourself.


Anonymous said...

Didnt sound any worse than Alec Baldwin calling his daughter a "little pig"....
Rest asure though, the ghetto race pimps will have a field day!
(If it is him)

TheBronze said...

Color Dog done...

Anonymous said...

I'd be sincerely interested in your insights on why you find Chapman's business sordid.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Bail Bond Chasers are in a sordid business. It’s a way to earn a living but it's so poorly regulated and seems to attract the people least qualified to do that kind of work.

I’m long in favor of the total elimination of private bail companies. The government run 10% bail plan like in Illinois is better. It’s much more fair to defendants especially the innocent ones since they get most of their money back when they show up in court. That cash can also be turned over to private lawyers at the end of the case and that takes a huge burden of the taxpayers for public defenders.

The Dog is a great example of what’s wrong with the industry. He’s an ex-con who could never be a cop. Making his bail jumping clients part of his now cancelled TV show was another bad idea except for the Dog’s bank account.

Fugitive hunters should be qualified and trained cops not failed cop wannabe types.

The bail bond agencies are bottom feeders at the very bottom of society.