Wednesday, November 14, 2007

O.J. And His Las Vegas Preliminary Hearing

The standard of proof in a preliminary hearing is barely minimal to bring about a criminal trial. This was nothing more than a defendant’s discovery tool to learn what he must overcome to keep his freedom

Judge Joe Bonaventure was very tolerant and fair in allowing defense questions that challenged every witness called by the prosecution. At trial you can expect the prosecution to put on many additional witness but at least the defense has an idea just what to expect at trial.

The wild card is how many of these clowns will be will have created new versions of their stories or get in to new mischief before this case goes to trial.

Simpson’s lawyers and investigators will have a lot to work with in their efforts to discredit and destroy the purveyors of stolen property who claim to be victims. As for Simpson’s reprehensible, turncoat friends who became prosecution snitches to get deals will find they would have been better to hang together than to be hanged separately. I would not be surprised if one or all refuse to testify unless prosecutors sweeten their plea deals.

Simpson does have a real problem because he is likely to face an all white, Las Vegas jury eager to convict him not for this bogus robbery case, but for what happened in Brentwood over a decade ago

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