Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama Threw His Supporters Under the Bus!

Washington, DC—America’s poor needed jobs, not bailouts for every crooked bank, Wall Street money changer and failed automaker. The hundreds of billions went straight off-shore to their own secret retirement plans and no jobs were created. This happened while Barack Obama had nearly absolute power over both houses of Congress and could get any wish granted.

Americans disheartened by those horribly expensive, undeclared and deadly wars wanted them to end. These folks demanded the impeachment of George W. Bush over his prosecution of these wars. All hopes for the end of these wars have been dashed as Obama has expanded this unhealthy and unholy prosecution instead.

As for Barack Obama, his now red-faced supporters are beginning to quietly express their disappointment of his failure. They are now apologizing for his ineptitude and naïve incompetence. They are starting to discover that some of Obama’s detractors were correct when they called him an empty suit.

Imagine how quickly our economy would have turned around if Obama had bailed out the taxpayers instead of the crooks and parasites? Imagine if Obama put into a place real tax relief for employers that would keep Americans working, consuming goods and services?

Obama entered the Presidential election as an unknown, tall dark man with a great smile and an over-worked teleprompter. The voters did not really know him. What they did know is that George W. Bush had disappointed us for eight long years. Hope and Change sounded good and many voters felt anyone at all would be better than Bush. Now these voters are suffering from Buyer’s remorse.

What are Obama and his secret Czar Cabinet, shadow government’s plans for us? So far “The Chosen One” has been beyond a disappointment. It can and will only get worse as our failing nation polarizes more than ever before in our lifetimes.

Those like me on the Right view Obama’s actions as sinister and Treasonous. I remain convinced he set out to destroy our economy and replace our form of government with Iron Fisted Socialism that I don’t think even my ultra-Liberal friends would ever want. This is bolstered by Obama’s lie that this would be the most transparent government in history. We got the exact opposite of what he promised in that regard.

One thing for sure is that we have a total mess now. We are floating the seas aimlessly like the Flying Dutchman with no viable plan to prevent a world-wide depression that will begin right here.

We must rid our Whitehouse of this cancer before the 2012 election. America needs to suspend taxes and get the economy’s machinery moving again. There is no other option.


Anonymous said...

anyone who voted for this screwball SHOULD be Ashamed of themselves. The Democrats have silently run a Communist, an America-Hating Muslim, and a Chicago Con-man racist for President. The Democrat Party will NEVER be looked at the same anymore. Instead, they will be viewed as Anti-Democracy, Anti-America, Anti-Freedom, etc.

Anonymous said...
Thought this story would have been right up your alley. Wonder what your thoughts are.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

That bomb threat story is more about the nation of total cowards we have become. Searching people entering buildings is pathetic and un-American. I will never darken the door of Willis Tower nor do business with their tenants.

WarriorClass III said...

Yes, but Bush threw his supporters under the bus as well.

And both have put the thermite around our structual beams.

Nothing will change until people quit voting R or D. Vote Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, but quit voting for the parasites!

LWH said...

I agree with Warrior Class. Only difference between the 2 major parties is the Dems are openly racist against white Americans, under Obama. The Repubs have had the same immigration stance as the Dems. It's a lose, lose situation. One party is Globalist, the other Marxist. Both are anti-American.

Anonymous said...

LWH is right. America is just trading the prejudices of bygone years to a different group of people in modern times. Evidence is the fact that hate Crimes against White victims are not charged or investigated much. Our Criminal Justice System appears totally corrupted, as everything else is, with political meddling and politically correctness the deceitful culprits destroying America.