Sunday, August 07, 2011

Chicago Lawyer Joel Brodsky Wins a Rare Gun Rights Victory in Chicago.

Chicago, IL—When federally licensed firearm collector, David Lawson attempted to simply register four SKS carbines, the Chicago Police Department refused the applications. Lawson through his attorney Joel Brodsky (pictured right) sought a hearing with the Department of Administrative hearings.

A hearing was held before Chicago Administrative Law Judge Pat Riley. The police department’s witness stated their objections claiming the carbines were prohibited by Chicago’s newest gun ordinance. The department refused to even examine the carbines before they declined registration.

The department alleged that the carbines had characteristics that rendered the guns as banned by the ordinance. The judge ruled otherwise and ordered the department to register them.

Here is a copy of the ruling:
Order of Administrative Hearing Officer on Remand 8-5-2011[1]


Anonymous said...

an Ordinance? So since when is some silly City or Town ordinance allowed to take presedence over the 2nd Amendment? What a scam. It's TOTALLY UN-Constitutional..

Anonymous said...,0,3876895.story

ut oh.

Anonymous said...

Chicago cant even follow its own illegal laws.