Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Chicago Traffic management Aids Walk the Plank!

Chicago, IL—There was a time when trained and armed police officers directed traffic in Chicago’s busy loop. They did a lot more than direct traffic. They also knew their city and could answer any tourist’s questions intelligently. They were a genuine high visibility crime deterrent.

The white hat wearing Loop Traffic cops even turned blowing the official Chicago police plastic traffic whistle manufactured by Sports, Inc a concert quality musical event. That great sound has probably been lost forever. I still have my issued whistle but could never master it like those old pros.

Consider the Chicago Traffic management Aids. They don’t have to demonstrate literacy or basic intelligence. They have little training, no firearms and thankfully no police powers making them no obstacle for today’s violent flashmob robbers. The fact is that rather than keep traffic moving they more often obstruct it as they demonstrate their flair of abusing the limited authority they have.

The traffic management aid serves no purpose useful whatsoever. Mayor Rham Emmanuel has apparently seen the light and taxpayers will no longer be saddled with their costly and unnecessary existence.

Perhaps these people can find work removing the horribly expensive concrete plant boxes constructed on miles of Chicago’s streets that have endangered drivers, obstructed the orderly flow of traffic and more importantly our emergency vehicles that need all the room that gen get.

Jobs programs are fine as long as they address work that the taxpayers actually need.


Anonymous said...

Paul, how did you get an "issued" whistle? I had to buy mine at Kale's.

As I recall, I was issued a star, shield, official ID card, and 12 rounds of .38 caliber +P ammo.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

You'd better complain! It looks like they owe you not only a whistle but a batton and a brass call box key!

Anonymous said...

Crimefile said...
"You'd better complain! . . ."

You're right. I forgot about the baton and call box key. Still have the original key, but not the original baton.

Rail Claimore said...

I've seen them as nothing BUT a jobs program in the two years I lived there. They're just one representation of everything that's wrong with the state.

Illinois needs concealed carry, a 70mph speed limit, an end to the practice of taking one's driver license as bond payment (which is an antiquated practice that very few states still do), and should also do away with its state income tax. We got by just fine without one until 1968, and with a paltry 3% until this year.