Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Totally Bogus Arrest By Cook County Sheriff

Chicago, IL—All people entering the Daley Center or any of Chicago's courthouses, aside from cops, employees and lawyers must submit to being searched like a criminal. The frisking is the result of a nearly four decade-old court order.

That original order was put in place by the late Presiding Criminal Division Judge Joseph A. Power. He ordered the searching after the attempted escape and shooting that killed condemned murderer Gene "Ice Man" Lewis and wounded two lawyers at 26th & California.

I've always taken personal exception to this intrusion as a direct Fourth Amendment violation since there is zero probable cause for these searches.

They make a weak but sustained argument that the searches are consensual since people can avoid entering the building altogether. Of course many people are there because of jury summonses, witness subpoenas and other compulsory reasons.

The Daley center houses lots of local governmental offices aside from a number of courtrooms.

38 year-old Jamie Busk of Evergreen Park entered the building carrying a 2 inch belt buckle knife, a tiny tool and a simple handcuff key in the belt pictured above. None of the items in themselves break laws.

Deputy Sheriff David Nowacki arrested Busk when he could have simply kept the knife for safekeeping during Busk’s Daley Center visit.

Busk was arrested, fingerprinted, photographed and released on an a personal recognizance or “I” bond requiring no cash being posted.

Is this type of arrest good public policy? Are we any safer today because of Busk’s arrest?

I know that there is always an outside chance of something going terribly wrong in courthouses but I know of none that involved the items carried by Jamie Busk.

Cook County Court Services Deputies get minimal training but have full police powers. I hope that Sheriff Tom Dart and court officials can find a way to undo this stupidity in a hurry.


Socialism Sucks said...

I took my citizenship oath at one of the government buildings in downtown Chicago. The X-ray machine broke down and I had to go to the back of the line for the other one. Kind of symbolic don't you think.

Anonymous said...

The people working at the Daley Center were all trained by Deputy Barney Fife. (nuff said)

Anonymous said...

In 1983, Hutchie Moore used a revolver to kill a judge and an attorney at the Daley Center.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Hutchie Moore used a revolver, not a tiny knife and handcuff key.

That does to justify the instant arrest.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Until the early 1970’s, lawfully carried guns and knives could be brought anywhere other than correctional facilities.

There were not new laws involved here but prohibitions and consent searches. Sneaking a small knife into a courthouse is not a crime unless there is some criminal act involved like assault or an escape.

The security mopes search and if they find something precluded by building or court rules that is prohibited they either hold it for safe keeping or deny access to the building with the object.

It is a crime to try and intentionally enter a secure area of a commercial airport or commercial airplane with a weapon unless you have some express legal exemption.

This Cook County arrest was pure baloney.

Anonymous said...

This was done under the leadership of Charlie Bowen, a deputy chief on the cook county one bullet club.
Charlie was a chicago dick and a member of the active reverends club of chicago store front preachers.
He was the most disliked man in his unit because he flaunted his clout all over the area. Another dimwit.

Anonymous said...

Paul, as a Deputy who was there I have to say that it wasn't Dave's decision to arrest the man. He was ordered by his sergeant. The man put his belt through the line scan machine and the items were found concealed inside the zippered compartment. Normal procedure for an incident like this at Daley Center is for the subject to be lead down to the lockup and to be ran through leads. If he's wanted he's arrested and if not he's released but this sergeant decided otherwise. As for the "minimal training" we've received I'm proud to inform you that since Dart took office he has ordered that court service Deputies be fully trained and "L.E. certified" by the ILETSB.

P.S. You write a great blog keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Court Services is rife with substandard personal.

Sgt. Saunders said...

Charlie was never a dick if you mean dick as in detective. He was, is and always will be a poser. Now, a dick head yes, but a dick, never.

Anonymous said...

As for the "minimal training" we've received I'm proud to inform you that since Dart took office he has ordered that court service Deputies be fully trained and "L.E. certified" by the ILETSB.

P.S. You write a great blog keep up the good work.

September 02, 2009 9:58 PM

Only special children got the back door LEO cert.There is no way many of your people could pass the POWRER test or Academy training for real.

Anonymous said...