Monday, September 21, 2009

Talent Can Be Ageless And This Is Cute!

I was poking around YouTube videos and found this by accident.

I’m a fan of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Play Evita and love the scene where Juan Perone’s little mistress gets evicted from the palace by his new and opportunistic squeeze.

The song, Another Suitcase In Another Hall is sung by the sad former and now jilted lover. I never thought of that song being sung by a man but apparently that can work.

Through the magic of home video production, a little work and talent a simple song can become a creative and clever diversion.

By splitting a screen, one actor can play two parts and do a little magic with the audio. Watch the fun result below.


Anonymous said...

buddy this is embarasing. super dad was one thing. but this is.

never forget that you are that tuff and ruff, x chigao PD, now PI.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

These days I have to deal with the doom and gloom of a Bolshevik traitor in the Whitehouse. Cop killers roam the streets and many of my friends are in terminal financial trouble.

The economy is tanking as we are having our rights stolen from us at break-neck speed.

I like to think I’m a tough old dick with a baton full of offender’s teeth marks and a gun that’s made at least one well-deserved trip to the crime lab. Trust me, I earned my share of CR numbers.

However I do have a soft side that cries for justice, the troubles of my friends and I enjoy the arts and music. Sometimes I just need to take a break for the sake of pure entertainment.

Please bear with me for I can be counted upon to always bring you the blood, guts and anger that rocks our world.

Anonymous said...

OK Sir then I still respect and admire you.

Colton PI said...

It looks like twins to me. Man thats good. Paul are you going to do these for us? Paul and Zelda?