Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Games, No Extortion, No Corruption In 2016

Chicago, IL—Why give corrupt city bagman the unlimited opportunity to extort cash from every business or vender involved with the 2016 Olympics?

Why should visitors and athletes from all over the world be at the mercy of Chicago street gangs that outnumber cops by 75 to one?

Why are they hiding the truth from Chicago’s taxpayers about the fact they will be paying for this horrible mistake for the next four or five decades?

Why is the local Chicago media involved in the suppression of any reports about the resistance to the 2016 Olympics?


HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

Well said Paul. The taxpayers will foot the bill; and the city will never receive the economic growth as they always claim.

Ed Skinner said...

Aw, don't fret, Paul.
Obama will soon give us his personal promise that the federal government will bail out the City of Chicago so they can go ahead and plan on hosting the Olympics.
What could possibly go wrong if the President promises it?

Anonymous said...

The Drudge story broke and within hours Obama was scrambling to Copenhagen, talk about being beholden to Daley.

This story is huge in Chicago, censorship of the press by the Corrupt Chicago Machine.

Anonymous said...

Chicago 2008-2009 School Year

34 Students Killed

290 Students wounded by gunfire