Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Obama Please Stop Lying To Us

Washington, DC—Barack Obama got himself elected on a platform straight from Fantasy Land. He promised taxes would not increase a single dime for all Americans making less than $250,000.00 per year. He claimed he supported the Second Amendment and chose a somewhat moderate tone. He also promised transparency and that will never happen under his administration.

Obama took the wrecking ball to the American free market and began seizing businesses and banks. He is now bitterly engaged in the hostile government takeover of the healthcare and insurance industries.

Obama has lied about the cost, the sources of payment, even about coverage for criminal aliens and government funding for abortion. Obama has also claimed that health care won’t be rationed under his Socialist plan. There seems to be no lie that Obama will not knowingly tell.

The problem is millions of Americans want to believe the lies and Obama knows that so his total disregard of the truth continues unabated.

Obama’s dishonesty is tyranny and he has proven to be a total traitor. He must be stopped and punished severely for those crimes.


Anonymous said...

Executive Order #13489,transparency?

Anonymous said...

Osama Obama CAN'T stop lying to the American Public. His whole existance is built on lies, and he is just a clone of the completely corrupt Crook County Illinois Democrat/Communist Criminal Cabal, who built him, like a Frankenstein, to do their illegal and corrupt doings nationwide, instead of just in Crook county, Illinois, the most corrupt place in the USA.