Friday, September 04, 2009

Obama’s Marxist Dream Is Crumbling Around Him

Washington, DC—Elected by people wanting to believe he was a tolerant, inclusive President that would bring refreshing transparency to government, Barack Obama has been a disappointment on every count.

Obama has brought racial hatred, a Marxist agenda and absolute slavery to Americans not even born yet. He has surrounded himself with an army of radical Czars as a shadow government.

Obama has two choices, be a lame duck or declare a national emergency over some crisis and complete his Marxist takeover by force if he dares.

Obama has been in hiding since his ratings went into freefall. There is no way to regroup and have the support he enjoyed just a few months ago.

The Obama policies were taken directly from Karl Marx’s playbook, Das Kapital. This has has awakened Americans that are willing to do whatever is necessary stop this tyrant.

In the coming year Congress is about to see sweeping changes as voters turn out incumbent Democrats and pretend Republicans in record numbers.

Obama’s only chance will be to force Americans into accepting Marxism by use of the parallel civilian security force and foreign Communist troops that Obama will invite here to keep order. We may be in for a very rough ride.


Anonymous said...

My FN FAL says its the right arm of the free world,wanna dance?

Unknown said...

The fact that Obama had no experience and has a background of radical association should have been enough to warn the American People.
That was not the case which leaves us with few options if any.
His hidden racist attitudes and desires have surfaced with cabinet appointees stimulus fund utilization including Universal Health Care intentions . The political path before us is totally socialism. The worst is yet to come as we are about to learn how tax and spend Democrats
operate. Doesn't anyone understand the National Deficit establishes for a fact that the bond issues guarantees held by foreign entities has forfeited ownership of our great Country should we default on existing loans. Have we lost our minds . Is there any sanity remaining in America? This may be an excellent time to practice in God We Trust.