Thursday, September 10, 2009

Barack Obama’s Pet Organization, ACORN Aids Child Prostitution

Baltimore, MD—The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has again proven they are a despicable gang of criminals. Aided by the solid endorsement of President Barack Obama they have become the point group for the Marxist revolution happening in America.

They’ve been handed billions of taxpayer dollars to stuff ballot boxes and rig our elections. Acorn is responsible for a great portion of our bank failures as they have involved themselves in thousands fraudulent home loans.

Acorn is nothing more than a new version of Adolph Hitler’s brown shirts. Acorn members wear red shirts instead. Taxpayers have funded their chartered bus trips to various town Hall meetings where they intimidated people who were bringing a message of dissatisfaction to their elected officials over the Marxist Revolution that's underway.

Two young enterprising journalists came to ACORN for assistance. I guess the journalists knew there were no limits to the kind of criminal conduct the ACORN workers would facilitate with government funds. The journalists told the ACORN workers that they needed help setting up a child prostitution operation with little girls smuggled in from El Salvador.

The ACORN workers freely conspired to help them obtain a home to use as a whore house and gave them advice on tax evasion and avoiding detection from law enforcement authorities. The exchanges were all caught on video and can be seen in their entirety at .

I guess ACORN is going to be around for a long time since they are heavily favored by so many members of or Congress and our President. ACORN must be stopped by patriotic Americans if the government insists on protecting this crime cabal. ACORN is as dangerous a threat to America and our way of life as any enemy we’ve ever had.


Unknown said...

Tell me these scumbags are sitting in jail right now and for a long time to come!

Anonymous said...

These two bitches should be in jail, I am just sick after hearing this. Acorn needs to be shut down and heavily fined. Just heartless and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Re; ACORN, YES, these are the dog-asses Oboma is giving millions of our tax payers dollars to since it's his favorite outfit.. They got him elected with their voter fraud and other devious methods. These lazy bums know every trick in the book to beat the US Govt. and to defraud it. What scum bags.. To think those broads were being paid by taxpayers bucks.. They are part of the "cancer" that is eating up our beautiful USA! Why can't everyone see this and damit, stop voting bums into office who feed these lazy bums. They will do it with healthcare to - if we let them! STOP! The American Tax Payer is BROKE from carrying these good for nothings, shiftless bums!

Anonymous said...

This is the "New Change You Can Believe In" direct from Pres. O'Sama bin laaadun. Feeding these phuckers from our federal funds.

Anonymous said...

35 million people in this country are receiving food welfare i.e. Link, etc. That's about 12% of the population. Blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population. Hispanics (legal ones) make up 13% of the U.S. population.

Call me racist but could there be a connection?

HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

Paul I’ve seen your many posts encouraging others to simply get a camera and then do their own news reporting. It’s not that simple. There are many legalities and issues of expectations of privacy included.

Frankly I’m surprised Fox News aired their videos. They too may be culpable now.

Yes what this couple did was courageous, and it does takes guts. However we never want to encourage others to be ‘kids with cameras,’ without first equipping them with legal resources. Just for a start they needed to be a legitimate business, liability insurance, training and a whole lot more.

Frankly since they are not W2 employees of a news Org, or a State licensed PI Firm, they are also violating the laws of doing investigations without a State Investigations license.

It is these types of news events that create even more laws that consequently effect and restrict the rest of us.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Okay Bill let’s take your comment one ooops at a time.

1. Fox News has no culpability for anything here. They merely reported that the two journalist did what they did and credited them fully. The story of how and what was uncovered was true and newsworthy. Fox News always gets sound legal advice before they air these kinds of stories.

2. Since when does anyone need to establish anything at all to engage in the Constitutional right of reporting anything that’s indeed true? It may be wise to get legal advice and insurance but there can be no requirement.

3. W2 employees or any kind of employment involving investigative reporting requires no license. It’s that First Amendment thing again. Private eyes need licenses because that can be required of those who investigate for money and ARE NOT exempt because they are reporting, broadcasting or publishing.

4. I do encourage kids or anyone to run out and expose corruption. I’m not their lawyer or parent. They need to assess and deal with the risks including getting murdered by the criminals they encounter.