Monday, September 14, 2009

These Flu Protection Precautions Will Work

Some of my readers have expressed fear of those specialized flu shots for the so-called Swine Flu that has been since renamed the H1N1 Influenza. I won’t be one of the first people in line for the needles but if others tolerate the immunizations I will line up and get whatever my physician recommends.

Until this deadly strain passes we all need to take simple precautions. The ten lifesaving tips below may protect and your families during your entire lifetimes.

1. Open doors without using your hands. Use elbows, feet or objects. Avoid handles and handrails everywhere.

2. Avoid public transportation and those hand railings. If you must, use disposable gloves. There is an art to taking the gloves off without contaminating your clean hands.

3. Stay away from travelers.

4. Wash your produce very carefully.

5. If you drive rental cars use antibacterial wipes to decontaminate the steering wheel, all those handles.

6. Wash your hands carefully and use clean paper or cloth towels skipping those hot air dryers.

7. Patrol your own homes and offices with spray disinfectants such as Lysol concentrating on door and faucet handles, telephones and computer keyboards everywhere.

8. Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes.

9. Women should do their own manicures at home.

10. Most importantly avoid gatherings of Liberals and Democrats.


Ed Skinner said...

You forgot:
11) Avoid CNN and MSNBC.
12) Watch Fox a lot.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think this whole swine flu hysteria is merely propaganda being used to instill fear in the population and to allow for additional funding for big pharmaceutical companies. The southern hemisphere is now coming out of their winter season, which is the flu season for them and there has not been any major outbreaks of swine flu reported. Most of the news about the swine flu is being reported by the main stream media, and we all know how honest they are these days. Simply using common sense such as washing your hands often, keeping your hands away from your face and avoiding crowds will probably be sufficient to stay healthy. I'm also not going to get a flu vaccine because they have rushed to make this one and there is the chance of getting Guillain-Barre Syndrome. No thanks.