Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beware Of Politicians That Use Emergencies To Grab Power

Washington, DC—In human history every nation where politicians have seized power for emergency population management there has been a holocaust.

The population is always told they must make sacrifices and freedom is curtailed. The population habitually takes on the characteristics of simple sheep and willingly march to their deaths.

Tyrants prey on human nature in that people are optimists and expect only humanity and government salvation. When in doubt humans can always be counted on to trust authority to their peril.

In America the Communists are now firmly in place both in our Congress and the Whitehouse. There is a shadow government also in place in the form of Czars for every kind of problem that could obstruct their revolution.

Make no mistake with millions of disenfranchised poor Blacks, illegal aliens, and incarcerated criminals seeking their turn at the wheel of fortune as loyal American taxpayers are outnumbered. Our Communist chairman can feed, mobilize and arm his new security force to exterminate his revolution’s opposition.

In turn the Communists can control food, water, fuel, power, and communications to starve taxpayers and feed their new security force. Of course, as always to the victor go the spoils.

Is this scenario familiar? Only to the educated and wise Americans that believe history.

We are beyond ripe for Armageddon in America and the right emergency such as flu pandemic any other event could trigger it. Our own apathy is to blame since we are the ones asleep while they took control. Tyrants, dictators and demogogs always seem to begin their kind of Hope and Change program with an adoring population.

Our carefree children with their Ipods and cell phones will be caught in the middle.


Anonymous said...


Don't take that shot, there are three variations of it. These sick twisted fuck are going to intentionally create a crisis that has been unprecedented in world history.

Remember Rahm Emmanuel? Never let a crisis go to waste.

Out of chaos comes order, there order, the Marxist order.

Get ready my friend, always be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say. Oh by the way, they are an anti-gov organization now.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like something that Stalin would impose, am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Ya mean like our previous president, who used 9/11 as an excuse to spy on us, arrest people for wearing t-shirts with slogans that expressed the same kind of disagreement with him that you're doing on a minute-by-minute basis with obama? Wiretaps without warrants. Does that sound familiar? Searching people, demanding identification for every little thing, the threat of gun-grabbing during katrina by a CONSERVATIVE administration, monitoring people's internet habits--again without warrants or probable cause--shall I continue?

I'm neither an obama supporter nor hater, but an awful lot of conservatives seem to have conveniently forgotten all the rights we had snatched from us during the 8 years before him.

...wonders if this comment will be approved...

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I’m no fan of either Bush since they were anything but Conservative. They stole our money and more Freedom. Under Obama it’s much worse.