Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nowhere To Hide, Guerrilla Filmmaking At Its Best.

Los Angeles, CA—Ever since my TV news photographer pal, Gilbert Zermeno AKA “Z” turned me on to the Flip HD Camera the possibilities are seemingly unlimited.

As a private investigator and investigative news producer surreptitious photography has been a necessity. Equipment, its quality or lack thereof along with cost has always been obstacles to being able to document the evidence or show what’s going on.

If only legendary film making pioneer D.W. Griffith could have had a Flip HD camera, and a laptop he would have been able to do so much more when he made his movie magic so long ago.

The Flip is being relentlessly copied by other respected corporations and the competition is at fever pitch.

Having expensive quality equipment can be like a boat anchor around your neck. Everywhere you go commercial property managers and government buildings use trespass laws to preclude access and filming. They assume that your video will somehow become a PR liability for them. Of course they could be wrong.

The very same folks precluding you from using your camera are using the latest, greatest high tech surveillance video cameras to document your every move on their property. I guess they want a one way street.

The cell phone camera was born and with its lousy images and quality was only a baby step. Small video cameras have gotten better, a lot better!

Right now use of a small camera like the Flip gets little or no attention. You can shoot whatever you want nearly anywhere and escape discovery before they figure out what you’re doing. In addition the Flip gives you a great image.

I went on a shopping trip with my delightful and dear friend Andrea, visiting from Berlin. I was able to film her so she, her family and all their friends could see her American shopping experience. I quietly stood by with my Flip HD and caught this pretty lady in the act of enjoyable shopping at the Nordstrom Rack. I would like to believe that Nordstrom will only benefit by this international exposure.

Another film maker and talented songwriter made a video of his own shopping experience at Trader Joe’s. He used his Palm Treo cell phone camera. Although the image is of the Palm not as clear as the Flip HD, he made up for it with cleverness. I can’t see how his subject, Trader Joe would be hurt by this fellow’s frank exposé of the store and its shortcomings.

Remember folks to always smile, you’re on candid camera. There is nowhere to hide!

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