Sunday, September 20, 2009

Los Angeles, CA--Water Conservation Led To Millions In Property Damage

Venice, CA—Like its Italian namesake, this city has a large canal where Lincoln Avenue used to be. This is happening all over the Los Angeles area since they have gone on a water conservation kick complete with legal penalties for violations.

The conservation effort worked, at least kind of, as a lot of additional pressure was put on the pipes. The result is too much water with nowhere to go except until the water mains actually explode.

L.A.’s water pipes are too old to handle the stress and as a result much more water is wasted and homes and businesses got flooded.

I guess they need to rethink their water conservation plans. They must be learning how the road to Hell is paved too often with good intentions.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the Sean Hannity show on FoxNews the other day about the water problems they are having in the San Joaquin Valley. Apparently the Feds decided to turn off the water to the farmers fields to save some 2" minnows which they put on the endangered species list. Because of this, the rich, fertile farm fields are now turning into dust bowls and the local residents are being forced to line up at food banks for handouts. This is affecting millions of residents, yet the Feds and the green radicals don't give a damn. Something is very wrong when our elected leaders decide that people are not as important as minnows.