Monday, November 22, 2010

Obama and his TSA are Dangerous and un-American

Terrorism cannot be, eliminated, controlled or even reduced by government. Not even the most restrictive Police State can effectively deal with terrorism. Terrorism is the product of fanatical religious beliefs, efforts to topple governments, simple homicidal impulses or psychosis.

Terrorists simply plot around whatever security programs they must to kill and injure their targets. This is why despite employing thousands of TSA screeners and spending billions over many years not a single terror plot was defeated or uncovered.

Terrorists can sometimes be foiled in planning stages by skilled investigators or obstructed as they unfold by alert citizens and police. The truth is that no security program, no matter how invasive can have any effect at all on a committed terrorist act.

Airline security and later the TSA, was created as a theatrical demonstration to convince Americans that the skies were safe to travel. It has always been about the illusion of security at least for the travelers. After nearly four decades most Americans believe that the searching airline passengers and their baggage are both necessary and effective. The propaganda program has been wildly successful because today it’s the conventional wisdom. Americans don’t give the effectiveness or lack of it a second thought.

I said before only skillfully conducted investigations and the vigilance of citizens and police have any success at all in the derailment of terrorist acts. The disarming of pilots, permitted passengers and off-duty police by our government has only enabled terrorists.

If we really want safety we need to disband the entire TSA and strip the FAA of any security functions. We need a new agency that’s manned with existing seasoned cops taken from police agencies all over America. That massive TSA budget could allow the departments sharing this responsibility to train and hire more officers.

The new airline police agency should have an intelligence unit, a profiling unit, a sky marshal unit and every officer should have the power to seize evidence and make arrests.

Profiling in this concept is not race based but rather behavior observation. The profiling agents need to simply interact verbally with the passengers. The agents will know who needs further attention and handle this aspect in a professional manner.

We simply can no longer afford to let people from nations hostile to the United States fly on our planes. There is also no reason to allow felons convicted of violent crimes on our planes.

We need not search ordinary Americans like criminals and seize children’s sippycups or make senior and disabled citizens remove their shoes. Groping women and children’s sexual organs simply shocks the conscious of any free nation.

I remain convinced that this Barack Obama run TSA program, was created to bankrupt the airlines as an excuse to bail them out with taxpayer funds and nationalize yet another industry.

The TSA is simple government tyranny in action. We’ve seen them many times before wearing the uniforms of governments we have gone to war against. The TSA is an enemy of the American people, their freedom and liberty. Every American has a duty to resists these criminals.


Anonymous said...

The 9/11 attacks succeeded in their true objective.

Anonymous said...

Time to rid the airlines of the fiasc and SHUT THE TSA DOWN