Monday, November 08, 2010

We Must Stop TSA Tyranny Now

Washington, DC—Airline security has always been dysfunctional from the day the FAA took over that responsibility. They began by getting a poorly thought out mandate that all passengers be screened by people we would not trust to walk our dogs.

The FAA disarmed any pilots that were permitted by local laws to carry guns. Likewise they disarmed vetted, trained cops flying on our airplanes. That was because of the personal gun rights hating philosophy of these political patronage appointees.

Criminals, illegal aliens and those with minimal mental capacity were hired to inspect the personal property and possessions of travelers. It was never intended to be real security but a pretend effort to fool passengers into thinking they were somehow safe.

That unforgettable attack of September 11, 2001 and the FAA policies enabled the murders of nearly 3,000 and damages in the hundreds of billions. The pilots were unarmed and defenseless and two off duty cops on two of the four planes were also disarmed and helpless. Had the pilots and off-duty cops been armed, 9/11 would have been just another day.

Not one FAA official or government bureaucrat was even criticized for creating the perfect conditions for the Muslim terrorists.

The TSA was created as a new ways to waste billions on government contractor fraud as thousands of hard corps unemployable people were given jobs and the power to abuse and steal the belongings of passengers.

The cargo side of airline security is not seen by passengers and accordingly is largely ignored. The TSA administration has equated the public perception of their job performance by how much aggravation passengers can be put through.

To date the TSA or their predecessors have not stopped a single terrorist incident.

Not one politician or government bureaucrat has ever suggested that people flying on passports from countries unfriendly to the United States be banned from our planes. Somebody, please tell me how that makes any sense at all.

Now the TSA want to expose passengers to unknown health risks by forcing them through body X-Ray imaging devices. The TSA has also recently digressed from less invasive metal detection wanding, to offensive, outrageous genital groping and fondling.

One invasive step at a time, Americans seem willing to accept anything from government. I guess the German people felt that Adolph Hitler was working for public safety during the reign of the Third Reich. This TSA attack on travelers is a criminal effort that violates the rights of Americans that must be shut down right now.

We fought wars to stop such government abuse and we must fight again right now or we will have surrendered our dignity with our liberty. Homeland Security and the TSA are out-of-control as they have waged war not on terror but on American Passengers.

Americans need not take abuse from TSA workers. You have an absolute right to order these people to take their hands off you and to use physical force if they don't. Call the local police on your cell phone should they touch your private parts. Lawyers are waiting to sue on your behalf for this kind on conduct. Don't remain silent and then try and report it when your trip is over.

The largest pilots union has told its members to refuse the X-Ray body scanners. They need our support.Meet TSA thug Butler at LAX terminal 2

Watch how one TSA baggage screener broke TSA rules and the law in an effort to prevent me from lawfully shooting video at LAX airport. Had she not stopped her assault on me I’d have thrown that miserable bitch down a long flight of concrete stars from the upper level of Terminal Two. She learned quickly I was serious.


Anonymous said...

“Thrown that miserable bitch down a long flight of concrete stars”

Oh Paul, you crack me up ! That sentence gave me a chuckle but your article reports on a very serious subject indeed. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) just recently issued new nationwide rules for traveler pat-downs. If you want to avoid the harmful affects of your body being bombarded by the equivalent of 1,000 medical x-rays at once by their new scanners and retain some dignity by keeping your genitalia from being displayed on a big screen monitor for the general public to view you can opt instead for a pat-down.

Now those of us in law enforcement know what a pat-down is and it doesn’t entail grouping the subjects testicles and that is exactly what the TSA regulations are now requiring. The new rules require agents to pay particular attention to your crotch, and their hands won't stop until they meet testicular resistance. What the TSA is calling a pat-down is actually a “search incident to arrest” and then some. In my 30 years in law enforcement I have never heard of such a thing. Sure when you’re searching a prisoner you have to be detailed and you certainly would make contact with genitalia but that is not the scope of a pat-down which is defined by Supreme Court rules as a less invasive search.

It seems the TSA is intent upon punishing persons who refused exposure to their new toy. This doesn’t have anything to do with security; it has everything to do with a government agency with no regard for the law or respect for the people they serve.

I agree, they have to go !

Anonymous said...

You usin my piture withouts my permisson. I am waiting for you nex time you flys and I sill body search your itty bitty thing....CRAKER

Anonymous said...

With our United States Socialist Justice System, it is now far more preferrable to Violate the Constitutional Rights of Taxpaying Citizens, than it is to be Politically In-Correct yet truthful about Racial profiling. Time for a BIG Overhall in the 2012 Elections, in order to restore America back into America, from the Euroean Socialist Eutopia Clone it is currently.

Anonymous said...

That nasty bitch should have been thrown down the stairs. Our taxes pay for Nazi thugs like her? This nation is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

When Napolitano bails from Homeland Security Obama will name TSA Screener Butler to that post. She has the right stuff for the, Planet of the Apes.

I can hear Charlton Heston yelling at her to get her stinking paws off him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

TSA is a joke,absolute joke.I was flying recently through a major US city.Ahead of me an M/2 with blue hair was subjected to the body scanner.Two M/1s ahead of me were able to wear their shoes and go thru the metal detector.WTF??

Obediant Servant said...

Just think of how many terrorist got in the airport while you were distracting her!

Congress created this Monster and I believe it was their intention to fondle, intimidate, steal, and brutalize the flying public.

It's not about safety. It is about control.

No matter what they do, the TSA gets a slap on the wrist. The best part is that your tax dollars are supporting this thuggery.

Anonymous said...

This was the true goal of the 9/11 terrorists,disrupt the American way of life,attack freedom,not a building.

No,it wasnt to kill Americans or destroy some realestate.The terrorist knew how our libatard "progressive" politicians would respond,and they succeeded.

Now we have TSA,Patriot Act I&II,Dept. of Homeland Security.Now I have to get to the airport 3-4 hours early so I can make my flight.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there is still a person with the ability to write legibly that believes "Muslim" terrorists brought down the towers?!

Anonymous said...

While easier said then done, a simple one week "strike" ( 2 or 3 days even )BY EVERYONE who fly would affect these buffoons the only way they understand, in their wallets. With a little irony attached this is how these crappy "unions" get their message across, through striking. Time for the same medicine back to them I say.

Anonymous said...

I’m opting out of the body scan. I’m also opting out of being bullied, groped and molested by the creeps hired by the TSA. To do so I’m opting out of flying anywhere. I hate the TSA and their administrators much more than the terrorists. Bring back the Fourth Amendment.

As for that horrible TSA woman dictating to people outside airport terminals with video cameras, I'd like to see her thrown down those stairs.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

When you opt out of flying you should at least make a courtesy call the airline telling them why. You should tell them where you wanted to go and how many are in your party.

The airlines are desperately trying to stay in business during a miserable time for our economy. They will get your message to our Congress in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you get it. But remember, the same band of thugs doing this to us also call your right to drive and carry a gun is a privilege and claim they can force you to wear a seat belt in the privacy of your own car. Every American needs to remember that liberty is more valuable than life itself and that protecting it is a personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paul, you said "lawyers are waiting to sue on your behalf"...could you be more specific? If I get molested, I'd like my first phone call to be to the cops, and the second one to go to one of these lawyers.

liberranter said...

If I get molested, I'd like my first phone call to be to the cops...

I wouldn't recommend that. The cops would almost certainly take the TSA thugs' side and would join in on beating you to a bloody pulp.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

You’re dead wrong here. The police despise the TSA. TSA goons steal cops guns from luggage all the time. They have been known to try and take their official police stars away calling them weapons. Anytime they can arrest these thugs they enjoy doing so.

Police are angry when the TSA wannabe cops wear black bands around their TSA badges when cops are killed. The TSA pays these a-holes to show up at police funerals in an effort to get them accepted.

Most cops would love to bust these jerks for child molestation or sexual abuse felonies.

Anonymous said...

I’m a police officer in Arizona planning to take my wife and son to Austria where my wife is from next month.

I will not identify myself as a cop as we opt out of the body scan. I will tell the TSA screeners not to touch mine or my family’s private parts.

If it happens I will make the felony sexual abuse arrest and that TSA worker will be registering as a sex offender for life after their prison time is over.

Burke101 said...

What about staging a protest in front of a major airport? You know, picket signs and all that sort of thing? OK, it probably wouldn't change much by itself, but it could be the start of something big. I've found from experience that you you have to speak a little truth to power now and then, and this would be a way to get their attention.

K Smith said...

It will take more than a boycott of flying to stop this.

If a boycott really does hit the airlines in the pocketbook, they will just get a bailout from our Executive branch. The recently passed financial reform legislation allows our government to bail out any company - and any industry - without Congressional approval

A boycott is a good start, but success will require lots of people willing to put up a really, really big stink.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just got back from a trip where we had to fly out of DFW, then out of JKF to Italy. We opted out and went through the "pat down". the surprising thing was there was only one other man who opted out while we were there. Other passengers were smiling and jovial, you know, "sucking up" to the powers that be. This is not the land of the free when I'm treated as if I were a criminal, all for "safety's sake".
The arrogance of these "people" is the hardest part to swallow. They have no shame or embarassment in their job.

Burke101 said...

Too many people think they are being protected by all this idiocy. They actually believe that the very aircraft on which they are embarking is right in the targeting reticule of Al Qaeda. Calling this sort of mentality "paranoia" is insufficient. This is a mass hallucination of monumental proportions. I wonder what future generations will say about Americans that they submitted to this idiocy.

Anonymous said...

I have one word for TSA screeners, EUTHANASIA. Put those low-life mutts down like the bad dogs they are.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to buy her a one way ticket back to Africa.