Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disabled Chicago Cops Are Unnecessarily Unprotected

Chicago, IL—I’m torn to not publishing this information because I don’t want to inform the local thugs. On the other hand this outrage needs to be fixed.

It is obvious that cops on and off duty are targeted these days for killing by emboldened street thugs that don't let Chicago's gun laws slow them down a bit. Today's count of murdered cops is shocking to say the least.

First let me say government has no business impairing any law abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. The Heller and McDonald cases have reestablished that as the law of the land. It is the local governments that are breaking the law not people carrying firearms for simple self-defense reasons.

The Chicago Police Department strips officers who are placed on Duty Disability of their police powers and guns the same way they do officers suspected of criminal conduct pending investigation and discipline.

Injured officers are routinely given doctors orders to get exercising so they can properly mend. These officers are in a vulnerable state while injured in that they cannot run and defend themselves as they could if they were not injured. I know of no officers that don’t from time to time have unintended encounters with those people they have arrested in the past in places like shopping centers and gas stations. Imagine being out with your spouse and children and see some dangerous criminal that knows you’re a cop and that you know is wanted on a BFW warrant.

This situation is aggravated by the city’s residency requirement that dictates cops must live within the community they police. Disabled cops are set up for these confrontations with the criminals they have to deal with professionally.

Disabled cops should not try and make arrests but in the gravest extreme they have a right and a duty to protect themselves and families.

There is a bill before the Illinois legislature right now and on December 7th at Plumbers Hall, Lodge 7 of the FOP is considering whether to support this or not. Please somebody tell me why the FOP has not already pushed this effort on their own?

Apparently the FOP needs your cards, letters, e-mails and calls. Every cop and their families need to get to that December 7th meeting and be seen and heard before they find themselves on Duty Disability striped of their guns.

Is the real reason for the FOP’s quandary their desire to make the Lame Duck Mayor and the police haters on City Council happy?

Let me say that despite whether this law passes or not that every cop has the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms anyway. The right to be free from unlawful searches is also the law of the land. Any disabled cop who does not carry a gun, does so at their and their family’s peril.

Here is website for with information on this legislation.


Ro said...

Thank you, Paul. FOP Board Meeting December 7th at Noon. IL HB 6901 will be presented at that time. All officers are urged to attend. The life you save may be your own.

Anonymous said...

I see this happening, but not until we re-establish Republican Control of the State of Illinois. Until then, hope for Concealed Carry, which will probably only pass under Republican Administration in Felonois also.

Anonymous said...

I know the department issues disability stars and I.D.'s to members on IOD disability. They do not issue them to non-IOD disability.

I thought H.B. 218 included provisions to include IOD disability. Am I wrong?