Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Open Appeal To All TSA Screeners

We are in a tough economy and because of TSA tyranny things are about to get much worse. The airlines and tourism industries are being bankrupted, perhaps on purpose to bring about Socialist style nationalization of all commerce.

The TSA has become the face of terror to American travelers. Travelers are too afraid to voice their disgust of the TSA war on American’s privacy and liberty. They are afraid they will wind up on that No Fly List or be singled out for more TSA punishment.

The TSA welcomes people traveling on passports from every nation hostile to America and all of the very dangerous felons released from our prisons. Ask yourself, if the TSA really cared about safety why would they let these monsters on our planes.

You’re required to give equal attention to elderly grandmothers and little children as some nervous 18 to 35 year-old male Muslim. Does that make any sense at all?

You are required to frisk pilots and flight attendants that have been fully vetted. What can a pilot do with a gun or even a bomb that he can’t do with the entire plane under his control? This TSA policy defies the simplest of logic.

Why does the TSA disarm off-duty cops if they are so concerned about terrorists?

The TSA love to brag about the knives and a few guns brought to boarding gates by forgetful passengers? That happened to honorably retired Chicago cop and film star Dennis Farina. Farina is allowed by law to carry a concealed weapon in every state under current federal law. Was America somehow safer because the TSA had Farina arrested over a small pistol he inadvertently forgot to remove from his briefcase?

The sad truth is despite the hiring of thousands of TSA screeners and spending untold billions the TSA has not foiled a single real terror incident. The sad truth is alert passengers have done more for airline safety than you and all your fellow TSA workers.

The TSA has lowered your status to that of rectum and sex organ inspector. That’s downright disgusting. I cannot see how anyone could admit to even having such a job.

Times are tough and because of the TSA they will get worse as tourism dies. People go on tours to relax and have fun, not to even think about uniformed strangers groping them and their children.

If you work for the TSA, I feel as sorry for you as much as I hate your corrupt mission. The TSA is a much bigger threat to America and our freedom than any terrorist.

Why work for an organization that does not recognize the Bill of Rights. That crap they sell you that people can choose not to fly is beyond bogus. Your TSA has expanded their malignancy to the passenger railroads and bus travel. People have a right to travel and be free from government tyranny.

Quit the TSA and find a job where people like me won’t be passing gas in your face at every opportunity. There are plenty of government entitlements for those unwilling to work if finding a job is too difficult.

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