Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chicago Cop Killing Suspect is a Recently Paroled Armed Robber

Chicago, IL--The Chicago Police New Affairs Office has released a few scant details about the suspect they’re questioning in connection with the Friday afternoon murders of Chicago police officer Michael Flisk and former Robbins and CHA cop Stephen Peters. The men were ambushed and murdered in a garage where Flisk was collecting evidence from an earlier burglary.

Police have picked up a 19 year-old paroled armed robber that lived nearby. I’m calling this yet to be named person a suspect since police had Probable cause to obtain and serve a Search Warrant on the suspect’s home.

The Parolee was just released from the Illinois Department of Corrections within the last 60 days. I’m convinced that before the sun goes down he will be named and charged with the double murder. I believe any delay will be to give cops additional time to locate and arrest his accomplice/s.

Chicago is in a crisis because of an undermanned, outgunned and demoralized police department. Currently the officers patrolling the African-American Ghettos are understandably on edge. The days of officers avoiding the use of deadly force may be coming to a quick end following several recent ambush murders of their own.

Governor Pat Quinn will have to explain why he has let so many young, dangerous predators lose on Chicago’s streets. Of course the politicians will be blaming gun rights of the law abiding for the murders. They refuse to keep convicted criminals off the streets and have neutered law enforcement.

Chicago is in a state of Anarchy.

Law-abiding citizens of Chicago need to immediately re-think the gun ban culture. The Supreme Court has ruled in Heller and McDonald that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It is now the state and local government breaking the law by violating Chicagoan’s rights to carry loaded firearms for self-defense.

Get the Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, some training and carry the gun concealed wherever you feel the need to do so. Why leave yourself and family defenseless in a city where street thugs are clearly the ruling class?

If you have to shoot in self-defense, secure all weapons used against you and leave the scene for your own safety. Do not call police and should they want to talk to you tell them you want a lawyer. Do not say anything at all about the event to anyone but a lawyer hired or appointed to defend you.

Watch the video below for information you will need should you use deadly force in self-defense:

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Sevarian said...

The cowardly murders of Flisk and Peters underscore the situation Chicago and the entire nation is facing. My sincere condolences to the families and friends at the loss of these men.
Thank you sir, for the excellent advice offered in Deadly force and the aftermath.mp4. Regarding concealed carry I would like to hear your comments on: 1.) citizen permit holders and off-duty/retired LE identification & behavior during an incident so we don't become victims of our own. The potential for mistaken identity tragedy increases as gangs and a general distrust of government expands (see:, CC citizens increase in number and go from condition green to yellow, while cops react & move closer to red as a baseline. And, 2.) in the state of Nebraska there is a CC permitting system which requires basic training presently provided only by the State Patrol. Training is good. All citizens who carry should train not only in how to safely carry, draw, hit the target, reload, etc. but also practice and think about shoot/don't shoot scenarios. My problem with the Nebraska system of "allowing" people legal use of 2nd Amendment rights, is that there are fees associated with the permit application and the training. I believe if the government wants to issue a license so they can verify the mental status & character of an applicant, the cost should be absorbed in other admin costs, and training should be provided at no cost, otherwise it becomes an exclusive system. I think firearm handling and shooting skills should be taught in public high schools. Your thoughts/comments? Thanks for your dedication & time.